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  • Catren

    I've been an ex-Witness for approximately twenty years, but I still don't know what to make of yoga and other related activities. The most recent issue of 'Time' magazine has an article on meditation and how extremely popular it has become. It's been proven to be very beneficial to people in a variety of ways - - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Does anyone else feel torn about meditation? As for yoga, someone told me it would be good for me. What are the thoughts of other former Witnesses on meditation, etc.?

  • minimus

    Why be torn after 20 years??? Are you afraid that you could have "demon" problems? I know of no one that had problems in any way because they meditated.....Minimus, who has given talks on meditating on proper things.

  • shamus

    I meditate whenever my brain starts working overtime..... it really calms me down.

  • Satanus
    Does anyone else feel torn about meditation?

    Not at all. For centering, and the other things you mentioned, it's very good.

    As for yoga, someone told me it would be good for me.

    I haven't done this, but i've read nothing but good about it, except from christians, of course. One kind of yoga to be careful about in kundalini. But it's not generally taught in the west anyway.


  • minimus

    Why be careful, SS?

  • gambit
  • Robdar

    Min, I am not SS but will answer, if I may.

    Kundalini can bring about many problems physically if it isn't done right. Mental ones too.

    If the Kundalini fire is triggered in the wrong way, it can get out of control and break down the entire nervous system. The first feeling of ecstasy and rapture, is quickly replaced by lack of life energy, listlessness, depression, agony, disorder and experiences of being attacked by invisible evil powers, or one is hit by the "I am Messiah"-syndrome. At worst one gets insane, or that the ravage of the Kundalini fire is experienced as if one is burnt up from inside, and it can even cause death, or the opposite: one congeals, i.e. becomes paralysed. Correctly activated, under the control of a Master, Guru, who has gone through the process himself with a happy ending, one can reach the highest God power and get higher consciousness, supernatural powers and peace of mind.

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