The British do it again ... !!!

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  • Amazing

    Yes, the British know how to invade America with good things ... the Beatles in the 1960s, HP steak sauce ... Yorkshire pudding ... Fish & Chips with Malt Vinegar ... English Muffins ... Princess Di ... Austin Powers and Mojo ... Simon Cowell and his American Idol ... and now, the lovable car in the movie "Italian Job" ... the Mini-Cooper ... I love that little car ... it is great ... I want one ... but can't yet afford it ... my British brothers really know how to tease a bloke ... but my hat is off to you ... I toast the British ... you've done it again. - Jim Whitney ... decendant of Ralph Whitney, a Knight and Nobleman serving King Richard.

  • Simon

    erm ... the Mini-Cooper is actually German (owned by BMW). They bought the Rover car group and then offloaded it minus a few of the good names.

    It is a nice car though. It always appears in racing games (XBox) and handles great on them !

    Corners like it's on rails.

    Some people buy them because they think they are small (maybe 'easy to park') but they actually have the same wheel-base as a Landrover Discovery. The original mini was tiny.

  • Amazing

    Well blow my socks off !!! German? The dealers here are touting it as a British car ... sad ... its still a cool little car ... but somehow it looks nicer as English and not German. Are you sure Maggie Thatcher did by it and that BMW stands for British Motor Works? Well, anyway, thanks for the update ... I really goofed on this one ... soooo ... how about Triumph or Rolls?

  • searchfothetruth

    Did you know that they are re-making 'The Italian Job', a sixties film about a British gang of bank robbers with mini-coopers, in America.

    They are filming it in.....LA (so it's just The Job, now is it)

    And who's going to play the cockney Michael Cane? Doesn't bare thinking about.

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