A wicked and twisted generation,...teaching and more

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  • Lostandfound

    I started to see daylight, not new light in '95 after years of Fred Franz inspired but not inspired by any superior being, fantasy writing, Revelation book was a classic, must be entirely replaced now as none of it's Grand Climax occurred.

    No idea who are writers today, but they seem to stumble on trivial "new light" as they meet almost daily.

    Has any official disavowing of Fred's wild dreams been done, or do they slip new light out like antidepressants, no mention of any WRONG previous teaching, but infer that flock benefitted from Jehovah misleading them, and giving clear evidence that the Governing Body is no more spirit inspired than Fred Franz's lunatic delusions?

    The religion today bears no resemblance to that which I joined in early 60s, then severe counsel for printing out to read scriptures as such became available, view of social media as almost 'the unclean thing' gone and embracing it as if it only way. My parents and in law parent are all dead, but would never have wasted all their lives serving today's religion.

    Money needs at every opportunity rammed down throat of the already giving, to make up for lost literature receipts.

    Turning assembly food service and literature costs to donations portrayed as a charitable work, when in reality they just dodging sales or vat tax.

    Congregation assets deeded to WT, how low can they go?

    Child abuse failure to protect innocent and not the guilty comes to mind.

    Not seen any evidence of door to door work here for years, what is their purpose?

  • zeb

    Did some one put atropine in the bethel water supply? I say that as atropine ingested gives delusions of grandeur.

    Adolf Hitler took some 'snake -oil' medication every day of his life that contained among other ingredients the substance called Atropine.

  • Finkelstein

    Leaders of the WTS know they have to keep spinning up the bullshit, for in doing so it enables their own power and position in the organization, as well keep the money business end of the organization continuous.

  • prologos

    feelings of grandeur by the fuehrer probably came from the feedback he perceived to originate with his devoted followers. Hopefully as the truth about the wt teachings, past, present and future sinks in, that feedback from the wt followers will wilt, and they will have no illusion of grandeur, They surely must feel that the mighty hand of the majesty of the universe is not at work with them?

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