JW's are like precious diamonds

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  • unbeliever

    According to my mom anyway. I went to pick up my nephew from her house. She was in a pissy mood. My brother does not let her take him to meetings and there is one tonight so I went and picked him up. She told me they were studying about Paul in the Isaiah book this week and she was telling me that when Saul/Paul watched Stephen get killed Stephen said something like forgive them. Then she said Jesus appeared to Saul/Paul and asked him why are you attacking the Christians or some something like that.

    Then she went on a tirade about how my dad killed my siblings and I spiritually. Then she said I had so much hostility toward the witnesses and compared me to Saul. I was like umm I have never participated in a stoning. She said no but you have aligned yourself with apostates and they persecute JW's.

    She said Paul changed and so can you. There is still hope for you. I pray everyday. JW's are like precious diamonds and apostates do everything they can to find flaws in them. You gloat when somebody you don't like gets DF'd like brother XXXXXXX (he cheated on his wife with a married pioneer elders wife and he was the biggest hypocrite elder that ever lived). I then said I will not worship a god that plans to murder 99.9% of the world. That is an old tired beat up argument between us. Then she said that is your father speaking. I cut it off right there. She was starting to bad mouth him and that pisses me off. I took my nephew and left.

    This is a very typical conversation I have with my dub mother.

  • logansrun

    'Ya gotta love this organization. It takes completely normal, loving mothers and turns them into fanatical numbskills. Did she bake you any cookies?


  • unbeliever
    Did she bake you any cookies?

    Hell no! Where I live its 101 degrees and I was just dying of thirst. I asked for a bottled water and she said she takes those out in FS. I got water from the tap. She did put ice in it though the sweet woman that she is.

  • logansrun

    Shit. Well, at least you're still in her will. Oh, maybe you might check on that


  • tinkerbell82

    aw, dude, that sucks. i know how that goes. i refuse to have conversations with my family about JW stuff because it always ends like that.

  • unbeliever

    logan I am out of the will and so is my DF'd sister. I think my older brother is well on his way to being cut out because recently he put some restrictions on my mom where his son is concerned. He will be 4 soon and he is starting to pick up things. Our share will go to the WTS. We are not phased by this in the least and I doubt we will even contest the will should something happen. It would not be worth our time.

  • logansrun


    You could always try and get reinstated for the money. Just think, you'll have it all to yourself among your siblings! Hahahahaha!


  • LDH

    Well, well, well.

    I would have said, "NO MOM, they only SEEM to be precious diamonds. But upon close examination, they are nothing more than common, cheap, Cubic Zircona."


    Don't Mince yer words, Class

  • Satanus

    On the diamonds claim, ldh has the right idea. But then i remembered how judgemental they are of everyone. People in general aren't like this. Jesus, hanging out w riff raff, considered them to be his brothers and sisters. Maybe jesus would also disagree w your mother's opinion. He hated the judgemental pharisees.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    well diamonds aren't worth much if they are still stuck in the rock.

    They need to be mined and taken out of the rock that keeps them prisoner. They need to be cut and polished

    If you ask me those who leave the rock are the true diamonds - they can stand alone in all their brilliance

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