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  • Phizzy

    A guy I was great friend with in my Teens 'phoned me out of the blue today, and brought back a lot of fond memories, he was DF'd, because he was a Very Naughty Boy LOL, but as he said, as is common with a lot of us Exes, he took a long time to grow up.

    He spoke of my parents, who despite being JW's, were lovely people, they took him in to our home when his mum was in Hospital for some weeks, he also spoke of the good times we had as kids, and how his parents were good to him, and made him what he is today despite being JW's.

    We sometimes do not give credit where it is due, my parents made me a lover of Truth, but it is Real Truth I espouse now of course.

    Perhaps this kind of view of our upbringing is more positive than concentrating on all the downsides of what is basically an evil Cult ? looking at the (very few) positives can perhaps help us heal ?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I agree...there were positive things about growing up JW however I think I could have received those same positive experiences had I been part of any organization that offers a framework to build your life around.

    Even those who grew up in abusive homes, are able to look back at certain aspects of their childhood with fondness. Compared to the bad things they experienced, the good times seemed especially good.

    I don't want the JW's to go away. I want their members to be free to ask questions and disagree with certain teachings if they choose to. I want them to be free to conduct their private lives as they see fit and not have the religions leaders intervene unless they are asked to.

  • slimboyfat

    Good perspective Phizzy 👍

  • cofty

    I have a different perspective.

    It's not an emotional thing as much as a settled disgust and contempt for the cult and absolutely everything it stands for.

    I really hope for its total destruction.

  • Victor

    In my experience when I was recruited into a Spanish speaking congregation, those were more gentle people and kinder times. I got to see and experience the abuse and petty tyranny in the 90's after things were going south inside the organization. It is healing and evolving when we are honest with ourselves and we can put context to our experience during and post being a JW.


  • ToesUp

    If it wasn't for "the truth" (not so true), I would not be married to my wonderful spouse and have great kids. I also had a great up bringing. I was one of the fortunate ones.

    I just can not condone the upper crust of the Borg and it's decisions and unloving practices. I believe they have "conduct unbecoming a Christian." The minions follow along blindly, I hold them accountable also.

  • lastmanstanding

    Some good thoughts on this thread. I agree with much, even between dissenting thoughts there is something.

    I want to see Watchtology burn. But only because that is necessary before anything good can come.

    Dubs need to be able to talk freely and think for themselves. As long as the org exists this won’t be possible.

    And I want to see the Goofy Bastards humiliated publicly before they hang. And the branch breaks and their guts spill all over the mountainside.

  • hybridous

    It's nice to reconnect to those we leave behind. Circumstances demand that sacrifices are made, once we commit to a life outside the JW cult. My exit cost me my relationships with folks that I had real feeling for. I still think of them often.

    Of course, it has occurred to me that I did not hold the same value for them, as they did for me. For if I did hold such value, why did our 'friendships' end (or at least go on extended hiatus) - waiting for some ultimate paradigm shift on somebody's part that would allow our 'friendship' to resume?

    So, yeah...growing up within WT will provide you with some associates you can call 'friends', however, such is conditional to membership in the group. When such connections persist beyond the limitations of the JW cult, this is a pleasant surprise.

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