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  • charity7

    Hi guys, non JW here but I was wondering why JW's believe going out in service is worship? Are they just told that or do they try to use scripture to support that?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Hi charity7, welcome to the forum.

    why JW's believe going out in service is worship? - they think they are copying Jesus and the 1st century Christians.

    Are they just told that or do they try to use scripture to support that? - they use some scriptures in Acts and the Gospels, I think, that speak of Jesus sending his apostles out in pairs, talking to people about the good news, etc.

    I'm sure other posters will be able to fill you in on the details.



  • darkspilver
  • tor1500

    Hi Charity,

    They are repaying Jehovah the gift of his son The Ransom. They also believe they are saving lives. They are modern day Noah's and they are trying to get as many on the ark as possible...

    Also, as mentioned when Jesus sent out his disciples to spread the good news...but here's the rub, don't know if you know some scriptures are for the anointed (too long of a story)...and some are just for us plain folk, supposedly Jesus's disciples are part of the anointed and Jesus was talking about going to door he was not speaking to us plain folks....So if the society really want to split hairs, and they always say certain scriptures are for the, we are not anointed so we don't have to go door to door....

    Going out door to door is a form of worship...JW's are work oriented....they can't accept something for nothing...Some do it because they really love it....they are outdoor people...some really do love Jehovah

    There is a song in our song book that one of the lines is How can I repay you what gift can I give to thank you Jehovah for the life that you give, I think that's how it goes...

    Yes, witnesses think going out in service is worship and also before all....going to the meetings...I know others here can add...


  • ttdtt

    Actually they call it Sacred Service - and its part of their worship.

  • Drearyweather

    Hi Charity,

    There are a number of Scriptures that they use to support their preaching (some which i remember):

    Matt 24:14, 28:19,20; Romans 10:9, 1 Cor 9:16, Heb 13:15, Luke 24:47, etc.

    Regarding who would do the preaching work, they believe that the NT was primarily written for the anointed, so the anointed would be forefront in the work. However, since John the baptizer, Noah and other prophets of old did evangelizing work (to some extent) and since these are believed to have the earthly hope, those of the great crowd are encouraged to support the anointed ones in their preaching activity.

    They also use Rev 22:17 to support why anointed and great crowd, both have to do the preaching work:

    And the spirit and the bride+ keep on saying, “Come!” and let anyone hearing say, “Come!” and let anyone thirsting come;+ let anyone who wishes take life’s water free.+

    Bride: Anointed 144,000. All others hearing: other sheep.
  • Vanderhoven7

    I believe many Christians consider that everything performed in life should be an act of worship...not just the religious stuff.

  • Ucantnome

    I believe it is the 'public declaration of our hope' (Heb. 10:23-25) in fulfilment of Jesus words at Matthew 24:14

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