Spain: more abuse and harassment testimonies / Crowfunding

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  • sp74bb

    More testimonies of abuse and harrassment are arriving at El Periódico newspaper in the last days. Tonight this newspaper will be publishing some new experiences on their online web. Tomorrow it will be printed on their printed pages.

    Many victims cannot afford a legal assistance. I'm going to launch a Crowfunding project to reserve a budget for any victim willing to protect his or her rights.

    More info is to come very soon...

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Great! Wish you all in Spain the most success against those thug like secret tribunals(kangaroo court) where you are not allowed to record the meeting and they have all the rights and you have none.

    I think many brothers and sisters in Spain will have their day in court and squash this abuse and harrasment. This phony foreigner organization has preyed these people long enough they treat them like dirt after years of service nothing no type of severance or monetary help to get on their feet again. This organization got a bad record of mistreatment of people that is bound to get the government after this foreigner run organization that orders this cruel treatment of people while masquerading as a foreigner run charitable organization.

  • redpilltwice

    Thanks for the info and good luck with the funding. My thoughts are with the Spanish and all JW victims. They damn well deserve their rights. Let the Borg sweat, after all... they expect persecution right?

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