Did anyone see that JWR closed?

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  • supernerdboy

    www.jehovahswitnessrecovery.com is no more. No early warnings or anything, just gone! Anyone else notice or are members there? Any info would be nice.

  • stillin

    I noticed. ;)

  • thehotone4u2

    There's a thread here about if your name changed from JWR. A lot of the survivors showed up here. There's a thread started by one of the admins that was an apology of sorts. Apparently Rifter decided to shut it down, and he had the final say on everything, so they did. Scummy Dross is here under a different name. Someone approached him with the idea of opening the site as a read only or an archive so we could copy our material off of it but he was having none of it, so far.

    Anyway, it appears we can come here!

  • Village Idiot
  • Worldling9

    Go to Designer Stubble's thread...Fugue wants to buy the site and is asking for help if it happens.


  • 2+2=5

    I heard you can buy bread that is already sliced.

  • supernerdboy

    "I heard you can buy bread that is already sliced." Asperger's person here; a little context please?

  • MrRoboto

    supernerd, it's ok, that bread stuff didn't make sense to me either! As far as I know, I'm not aspergerific

  • dubstepped

    It is old news that you can buy bread already sliced, just like it was old news at the time that JWR had closed. I believe that was the point.

  • EverApostate

    May be they returned to Jehovah. And all the angels including the little J rejoiced with a thundering applause, which I heard last week on a rainy day

    Big J is speeding up his Chariot for sure.

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