B.A.C.A. Bikers Against Child Abuse

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  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    This has been brought up on another thread, but I thought to create a seperate thread just to get the word out about these guys. They're badasses who stand up for abused kids. They'll ride into the neighborhood, in a rumbling mass of loud V-pipe music (noise), and personally confront the abuser, if need be. Though some of these guys look like they're straight outta the Hell's Angels, they actually work in conjunction with law enforcement and local courts, to offer protection to the abused, and to support the child, and often their single-parent, IN the courtroom. Their goal is also to indimidate to living fuck out of the abuser, or molester as the case may be. The courts normally refer cases to B.A.C.A., but I wouldn't be too surprised, if you got to know them a little, or if you became a 'prospect,' that they wouldn't mind roaring by the Kingdom Hall in your area. They HAVE been a presence at some of the Westboro Baptist Church protests...you know, the ones with the "God hates Fags" signs, who protest funerals of fallen military.

    B.A.C.A. has chapters in every state, and in several countries (kinda like the H Angels, but they're the good guys). Here's their main website:


    And, since I mentioned it, here they are in my home state, sticking it to the Westboro Baptists. I was there, and it was fucking awesome:


  • LV101

    Sugar Shane - Interesting and they are to be commended for their service. Good to know they work with law enforcement and the courts. Hard to believe there's a group like this to protect the innocent. To bad there's not a few of their members hanging out at the halls.

    Thanks for sharing the info.

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    No problem. BTW, anyone with concerns may contact them: parents, teachers, counselers, ect. When an abuse case goes before the court, the bikers will appear to provide support to the victim/s, who must often face their abuser-- sounds like the JWs so-called "judicial committee," doesn't it? In this setting, the victim feels more confident, and the abuser is looking for the nearest exit, with a group of scary-ass looking bikers staring him down.

    If you want to join, you'll have to pass a police background check, to make sure you can be trusted around kids. A misdemeanor assault charge from a bar-brawl, from a few years back, probably wouldn't be a huge issue. In fact, it might be a plus.

    You'll also need a bike. But doesn't have to be a Harley, or even a V-twin. Kawasaki V-Star, or Honda Rebel would be my recommendation for a starter bike. FWIW.

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