What is the "Social Currency" for witnesses?

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  • stuckinarut2

    While flying recently for work, I overheard a conversation about the "social currency" that people in the community or workplace have.

    For example, a manager or boss yields more power (obviously) over those below him or her.

    But one person observed that other factors have value. For example a parent may have more value in some circles, while being childless may help in others.

    Looks or how someone carries themselves may also give value.

    So it made me think, what is the social currency amongst witnesses? What gives them power, status, validation or value?

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    Field service time.
  • dubstepped

    I'll take Island Man's response one further......."privileges". Service time is unknown unless you're pioneering, which is one such "privilege". Titles mean a lot, as do connections with those with titles. Just think of the social capital you get if you're buddies with one of the magnificent seven. Of course, you likely need your own titles to get in with them.

  • OrphanCrow

    "...what is the social currency amongst witnesses? What gives them power, status, validation or value?"

    a penis


    good vocal chords and the ability to carry a tune (playing a guitar helps, too)


  • MarkofCane
    "Bethel title" higher dosage of kool aid = super fanatic
  • millie210

    Another facet I believe would be language.

    They have their own words and inferences which are rich in meaning and determine status to a degree. Using the language language skillfully can take you anywhere inside the Org.

    "Waiting on Jehovah" - good for any situation where one doesnt want to take action such as getting a job, getting out of a bad situation, dealing with any sort of problem where a normal person would step up...

    "Putting the Kingdom First!" - this one allows you to not work hard at a career, get others to donate to you etc...whilst you ride around aimlessly in field service (usually in a car or van whose gas is being paid for by someone not as righteous who actually works for a living) and getting your coffee paid for!

    "I So Appreciated This Point in the Study/Lesson Today..." (usually said at the Watchtower study) some variation of pithy comment that reminds others that YOU support the GB and every word they concoct. The power here lies in the reminder and inference that you and the GB are tight, and really....whose gonna mess with that?

    Power talking can take you far because the Org needs a certain number of followers to make the others look like leaders.

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