NWT Bible Words index Jehovah 80 times , Jesus 8 times .

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  • smiddy3

    The New Testament or as the JW`s like to call it The Christian Greek scriptures are all about Christians bearing witness about Jesus Christ and his kingdom and that the name that is to be above every other name in heaven and on Earth and under the earth is none other than Jesus .Php.2:10

    Nowhere in the NT are Christians instructed to be witnesses of Jehovah ,they are to be witnesses of Christ Jesus .

    The Jehovah`s Witnesses and their New World Translation of the Bible are preaching a doctrine that is not in the Bible and certainly not in the New Testament.

    1Tim.6: 3-5 Proves that it is the governing Body members that are those that are mentally diseased /obsessed with wrong thinking.

    The fact that Jesus is only mentioned 8 times in the Bible word index and Jehovah is mentioned 10 times more, 80 times proves just how out of touch with Biblical Christianity Jehovah`s Witnesses really are.

    Mat.15:9 They teach commands of men as Doctrines .and go beyond scripture.

  • EverApostate

    Jehovah = Pure fiction

    Jesus = Semi Fiction.

    Hence it doesnt matter how many times who are mentioned.

  • zeb

    My wife has bought a bible that is 'jehovah-ed' to the max. It uses jehovah in places where not even the NWT uses it.... and there is no publishing details in the front. Has anyone seen this work? It strikes me as a renegade jw making money out of the r&f.

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