Most Horrible Murder Done by JWs in Rep of Korea...

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  • intropist

    Korean ex-JW brothers contacted the police and hinted to them that this murder could be related with WT's evil policy of shunning because

    • Father was an elder (ministerial overseer)
    • Mother was a regular pioneer
    • Son was a ministerial servant focusing on Chinese speaking territory
    • Killed daughter was an inactive JW

    I can't be sure that her inactivity triggered family shunning and that shunning was the cause of that day's quarreling which ended as a murder, but I believe the police should consider alleged probability. All they said can be just faking an alibi. We all know the 21st century's JW is not such a religion believing in VooDoo things.

    I posted related posts at JW.OR.KR

    I'm waiting for results of the police and prosecutor's investigation.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

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  • intropist

    To Nathan,

    Those Korean links are just for reference.

    This article is the main one which is of course in English. Why should I try to feed you what you can't read? I guess you could not notice the above link. Honestly did you? Kindly check it up.

    As you see in the main post, I added additional relevant information which is not provided in the news site.

    As a non-English speaker, I've been lurking here more than 10 years. I lost my e-mail and password, so I became to have a relatively brand-new ID.

    I know the basic rule. ^^


  • Crazyguy

    Doesn't say they were jws.

  • intropist

    To Crazyguy,

    Yes, the news article itself didn't say it. That's why I didn't just drop the link alone.

    I made a call to one of detectives who is dealing with this case. The officer told me their being JWs. He wanted to hear about JWs, so I frankly delivered general information on JW & WT to him. As I mentioned, I didn't insist that this murder is because of JW's evil policy but asked the officers not to skip the possibility of the relevance.

    The fact that all the family memers are JWs has been reconfirmed by many other ex-JW brothers who also participated in helping detectives to learn about JW.

    The interesting thing is that initial articles and TV news briefings just after the killing day, they showed JW publications and JW singing CDs and they quoted neighbor's saying the family went to church but the church was not a mainstream one, however soon those exposure faded out. I just guess the WT branch media team reacted. The reason I left two Korean links is because you can see TV briefing exposing those WT stuffs even though you can't understand what the anchor is saying but can recognize those are of WT.

  • intropist

    The last part, "but can recognize those are of WT" is redundant.

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