Newsweek picks up story on JW Sex Abuse

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I thought Newsweek was a dead brand, it seems it's back in print. I hope it is still being read. There is an online version obviously. Perhaps that will be seen by someone.

    Yeah exposure of the Tower.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Trey Bundy of Reveal News has also written an article:

    The damn has leaks, it is about to crack.

  • cha ching
    cha ching
    Many victims do not know that there are others in the same circumstance, that WT is keeping it's secrets hidden as best as possible. Once these documents are read, "the curtain will have been drawn back" and people will be able to see the 'wizards' as just old men.
  • stuckinarut2

    Wow ttdtt!

    Thanks for posting those links and the scans of the letters!

    I randomly looked through several of those, including the one from the Circuit Overseer, and others from the Branch office, and what did I notice?? Of course: NO WHERE did the society or its representatives direct that the Law Authorities be informed of these issues!

    Does the Society simply not get it?? Are they that insular and self-righteous to neglect telling the Police about these matters?

    They are clearly more concerned about keeping their "reputations" in tact, and "protecting Jehovah's name"...But failing to see that their inaction is actually having the OPPOSITE effect! It brings reproach on them!

    I want to give full praise and credit to whoever revealed these letters!! Well done and Thankyou to this brave and honest hearted person!

  • ttdtt

    stuck - some of the documents are absolutely horrifying.

    The father was selling the 4 year old for sex.
    He should be shot.

  • flipper

    It's high time for the WT Society to be exposed in a huge way in mainstream media again for these crimes against minor children. The concealing from police authorities of sexual abuse crimes against minors from sex offenders within this JW organization is just disgusting , horrific, and inexcusable. It's high time for the FBI in America to investigate this cult and it's abuses against children. Of course the FBI has it's hands full pursuing another well known abuser of another kind right now who runs the country. But I'm glad mainstream media is picking this up - thanks for posting

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