Anyone read the watchtower study article for 8/4/2019?

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  • sweetyj

    So I didn't study my wt article ( as usual) for this Sunday passed 8/4. As we were going through the article, it talked about having good study habits. It would be so hard to study all of this " spiritual food" after coming home from work, ect.

    So wt decided to cut back on some materials. Like for instance, the wt/awake magazines will only be published 3 times a year. Supposedly, the reduction isn't for us to relax, but to give us enough time to catch up with all the reading material. Also, no more year books at all. All because we have jw broadcasting. The reduction isn't just for print but also digital.

    Is something up or what? I thought wt said they would increase in publishing materials as time went on in the last days?? Speeding up the work right? And why take away the year book when it contains so many figures we like to analyze? I'm afraid if they publish the figures online, they will just manipulate the numbers a whole lot more than they could get away with print.

  • blondie

    I did but did not do any highlights. But then I looked at it again today, and I realized how much it was a harangue about the so-called obedient long-time jws. This was baby stuff for them supposedly. I think I will run a few of the comments that seemed that carefully couched statements, that the members did not appreciate that the WTS had cut back on the time for the meetings for them to study, not for more play time.

    You can bet, sweetyj, that the WTS has been manipulating the numbers for a long time. Because of thinking non-jws and some jws have taken apart their manipulations regarding the numbers, I think that is one reason why the yearly stats were no longer published in the WT magazine at the beginning of the year, why there is no longer a yearbook, and I haven't checked what they do provide now and where.

    This seems to be the only source for stats now:

  • Vidiot
    sweetyj - "...All because we have JW Broadcasting..."

    Obviously, the higher-ups like being on TV more than writing. :smirk:

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