Tyler McCumber wins PGA tour event in Peru

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  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Tyler McCumber, no, you probably don't know of him. He may be one of Jehovah's Witnesses. His dad, Mark, was a member the last I knew.

    Tyler won his 4th professional event two days ago in Peru, South America.

    His dad, Mark, became truly world class after he left his two-year stint at Bethel.

    "After turning 50 in 2001, McCumber played on the Champions Tour from 2001 to 2008, but did not win an event in this venue. He also works as a golf course architect and was occasionally featured as a golf analyst on Fox Sports. McCumber is a member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects."

    "Like his faith. McCumber is a devout Jehovah's Witness; he devoted three years to the religion after high school. He spent one year in "full-time ministry, going door-to-door, studying the Bible," in Jacksonville. He also spent two years at the Brooklyn Bethel, the group's headquarters near the Brooklyn Bridge.

    "It was like a big college," McCumber said. "There were dorms, we'd do in-depth study of the Bible and we also worked 50 hours a week, helping to print the Watchtower.

    "It's a very misunderstood religion," McCumber said. "My parents and grandparents on both sides were raised in that faith and as I investigated it, I felt very strongly about it. I live it. Deep down it permeates every ounce of my being. But I don't praise [God) every time I win; that's not the way I was raised." [1995 interview quotation].

    In my youth there was such negativity against sports participation in Watchtower world. Fortunately for Mark, that all must've slid off his back and he took up golf as a career after leaving Bethel.

    I'm some 11 years older than Mark and I don't pretend I would have ever even come close to being world class, but I think it would have been somewhat rewarding if I could have tried to optimize my skills while I was younger.

    In my younger years golf was so berated by our JW peers. On one of our 1960s trips back home to New Bedford from Marshalltown I learned that all of my sports memorabilia -- baseballs for each game I pitched when my team won, newspaper articles with box scores, news and photos at local junior golf tourneys I had won -- had been tossed by Mom and Dad. It could have been perceived as "drawing too much attention to self".

    There's not a day that goes by without thinking how fortunate I got out of that mess back in 1977.

    Back to Tyler and dad Mark. Good for them

  • ToesUp

    Remember...this is an al carte religion (cult). Pick and choose what you want to do. That is how it is done in JW land.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Imagine chasing a little ball around a golf course and becoming so proficient at it that you become a world champion, all the while claiming that world is going to end any day, people are going to be destroyed and they must be reached before it's too late ?

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    I know the McCumber boys quite well, they're all good guys, Mark, Gary, and Jim (and their dad); I'm sure they all know the score and know how to hedge their bets very adroitly.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Hi again Room 215,

    Yes, I think I remember that you one time said that 215 was your room number when you were at Bethel. Thanks for your first hand report.

    I had no idea that Mark had two brothers -- and were they at Bethel as well?

    Any how, that family was apparently very deeply entrenched in JW land. I wonder, though, if Mark has faded? No reason, on my part, to think that. Maybe just hopeful thinking.

    It's doubtful, however, that Tyler is following his family's legacy with the Borg. Not just the beard (although the September 2016 Watchtower has reportedly relaxed that restriction) but his girl friend traveled with him to Peru to keep him company as she caddied for him. Yes, she could have slept on the couch, but I wouldn't bet the farm on that one.

  • millie210

    Looking at the Facebook pages of Marks wife Paddy and the girls (Tylers sisters) it doesnt seem that they are overly "witnessized" and that is putting it mildly - if you get my drift.

    I knew this family growing up but not in touch for years. I hope they are out and happy.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    That's amongst the best news I've heard in a very long time, Millie210.

    I followed the success of Mark along with many of the other top pros back in the 80s. That was way before I even knew of his JW involvement.

    On my bucket list (I'm now 76) I just now added a potential item thanks to your post. Find out more about a three-day golf clinic put on by Mark and one of his nephews, Josh. It may cost a bundle but he puts it on at TPC Sawgrass, a world-renowned course and facilities. It'd be a chance -- maybe -- to meet him (if he's indeed out of the cult) and share war stories.

  • millie210

    I just got back to this thread FatFreak and I am loving your bucket list idea.

    I think it is awesome!

    A bucket list "potential" can still fuel our dreams and give lightness to our steps.

    Hugs to you FatFreak,

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