New non jw emergency contact card

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  • purrpurr

    I've just put together a emergency contact card for me to carry in case of accidents etc. It's not a blood card and as I filled it out I realised that the jw blood card is extremely impersonal, there's no room for really explaining medical needs or issues, there's hardly any room for medications to be listed. And the contact details section is very limited. It's like the person isn't as important as the doctrine.

    In my new card I've been able to list several contacts and in what situation/order to call them. I've been able to explain at lenght my medical needs and medications and my drs details etc. In essence its all me , none of it is the Borg.

    Ps, I'm refusing a blood card and this gives me an answer to the challenge of "if you were in an accident no one would know who to call or who your next of kin is!" Now I can produce this Ta Da!

  • BluesBrother

    I wear a "S.O.S" pendant, commercially bought. I have re written the message inside to say that in the event of an accident rendering me unconscious , I will accept blood if it is critical. Then I give contact info.

    Only being careful...

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