Is the Bible more violent than the Quran??

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    An interesting article "Is the Bible more violent than the Quran"? ..March 18, 2010 Barbara Bradley Hagerty. Religion historian Philip Jenkins decided to compare the brutality quotient of the Quran and the Bible. His finding the Quran were actually far less bloody and less violent than those in the Bible. Violence in the Quran, Jenkins says is largely a defense against attach. The Bible is a specific kind of warfare laid down in which we can only call genocide. In 1 Samuel God instructs King Saul to commit genocide to the Amalekites, and because Saul failed God took away his kingdom. Of course this is only one man opinion so is he right, don't know. He does bring out some interesting points, something to think about but I don't have a clue what's in the Quran... Jenkins is a professor at Penn State university and author of two books dealing with the issue back in 2010....

  • cofty

    The OT is more violent than the quran but don't forget to also consider the Hadith and Sura.

    Jenkins is wrong to say that Mo only advocates violence in self-defense. Islam is a imperialistic religion and political philosophy. "Convert or die" is the mantra.

    Thankfully millions of Muslims are as ignorant of their holy books as most christians are of the bible. The boys learn to recite it in Arabic but mostly have no clue what it actually says. The quickest way to radicalise a Muslim is to have him read his scriptures in his native language.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    cofty: Yes, the editor Andrew Bostom "The legacy of Jihad" also disagree with Jenkins, The major difference between the Bible, which describes the destruction of a enemy at a point in time and the Quran, which urges an ongoing struggle to defeat unbelievers. "It's an aggressive doctrine," he says."The idea to impose Islamic law on the globe".

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