Article: 'Punished' for being sexually abused in York County: Jehovah's Witnesses' culture of cover-up

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    'Punished' for being sexually abused in York County: Jehovah's Witnesses' culture of cover-up

    Mike Argento | York Daily Record

    Sarah Brooks was 17, riding in her dad’s pickup, when she told him.

    She had always been a daddy’s girl, she said. She was a tomboy growing up, playing with the boys, and later, when she could wield a wrench, working on cars with her dad. After some detours in life, she would work as a welder. She liked working with her hands, and she and her dad were close.

    It was hard to tell her dad. She knew what had been happening to her was wrong. She knew that it needed to stop. She felt deep shame and deep guilt. She was the victim, but still, she felt that what had happened to her was her fault, that she was a horrible, dirty person. She knew there would be consequences. The people who did those things to her had warned her not to tell, they said that if she did, she would be ruining lives and that nobody would believe her and that she would be the one to suffer in the end.

    Still, she needed to tell. It was wrong. Something had to be done. So, she told.

    Sarah told her dad that Joshua and Jennifer had sexually abused her over a period of months, starting when she was 15. Joshua was Joshua Caldwell, a friend from church. Jennifer was Jennifer McVey, married to Sarah’s brother and having an affair with Caldwell. Caldwell was 12 years older than Sarah; McVey, six. Sarah had been working for the couple cleaning out houses that were in foreclosure.

    She had met them through their church, the Yorkana Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and thought that working for them would be safe and good, the church being a close and cloistered community.


  • Giordano

    Thank you, Anderson's info:

    This was a very troubling story apart from what happened to the abused. How the Elders handled it .......... was dictated by the Society.

    The only remedies that worked came from the police, the courts and trained counselors.

    The Society was not only worthless........but proved itself totally ignorant in protecting the victims. There should be no doubt in any one's mind that the Society is reckless with the health, welfare and education of the children.

  • ElderEtta

    Thank you Barbara

    that was the best report from that York newspaper that I have ever read. Congratulations to the victim Sarah so very brave and allowing her case to be presented

  • zeb

    Giordano say it well..thankyou.


    Yet another hideous account of the abuse by bastards and they defended by bigger bastards.

    Please fwd this in email or print to your doctor who will most likely believe that sex abuse among jw is just a one-off as did mine. They will be made aware of the amateurish and most devious manner in which such crimes are 'investigated' by the elders who indulge a peculiar interest in hearing the evidence over and over.

    There was a rape reported in the UK where elders asked the victim 'how far apart were you legs when he was raping you' this was reported on the BBC Radio 4. (also informed to the CARC )

    Then there is this damned thing about reporting such crimes to the jw ..'legal office' for what appears to learn ways of minimizing the crime and to hell with the victim.

    Please all American and Canadian( with that huge class action underway) readers here please send this report onto your members of legislature or even the heads of govt because until there is massive action against the wt at the home of its creation the US then these travesties will continue . Readers in the UK locate the Govt inquiry there and pass this account on; and contact them with any local knowledge you have.

    Read again what this girl did; self harm with burning embers, worked as a stripper, attempted suicide, tried to get herself killed..

    andersonsinfo. thankyou for revealing to a wider readership this account.

  • Bad_Wolf


  • Jayk

    My brother said everyone on this apostate sites are demons trying to make mr feel bad. I almost rebuttelled saying "are brothers who raped or the brothers who covered it up saints?"

  • Vidiot
    Giordano - "How the Elders handled it... was dictated by the Society. The only remedies that worked came from the police, the courts and trained counselors..."

    This, IMO, is one of the most damning aspects of the Org's entire gamut of policies in dealing with this problem (and, IMO, one of their most insurmountable hurdles) ...

    ...that the WTS's so-called "Biblical" standards fail, while the godless methods of "Satan's World" succeed.

  • WingCommander

    FYI: Sarah's parents won't be winning any "Parent of the Year" awards anytime soon.

    1. Her oldest sister was DF'd because she dated and then married (( GASP! )) a nice worldly guy. They've been together for like 20 years now.

    2. Her older brother divorced his pedo wife (who was the one that helped abuse Sarah) and I believe finally came out of the closet as a gay man. (at least Bi) He left the JW's as well. (at least had a complete fade, last I checked)

    3. Sarah of course identifies as an atheist. After the amount of shit SHE and her siblings have been thru, who could blame her?

    4. Sarah's parents have shit for brains. They have good intentions, but are completely brainwashed. Sarah's dad is kind of a Country-fied "man's man", but didn't kick the shit out of his daughter's abusers? He allowed Elduh's to come into his home, interrogate his abused daughter, and allowed them to actually publicly reprove and later DF Sarah? That's f*cked up!!!!!

    5. Sarah's parents maintain minimal to ZERO contact with any of their adult children. Loyalty to the WT Corp above all!

    I wonder, as Bob & Connie get older, is the WT Corp going to take care of their pathetic asses? Change their diapers? Get them their medicine? Will the local Elduh's take care of them? If I were them, I wouldn't count on the children they screwed over and treated like shit to take care of them.

  • zeb

    Like i said pass it on folks, pass it on.

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