Financial Wizards & Wealthy Cults The Rothschild Bloodline AND Connection to JW's.

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  • JakeM2012

    I was doing research on the political powers in the U.S. and what exactly was the drive, goals, and ambitions between the different parties. I stumbled upon information regarding the Illuminati/Rothchild Family having great power throughout the world with different parties and the Rothchild's goal to have a New World Order from hundreds of years back and how they were involved in Satanic worship. It was interesting to see that C.T. Russell supported them even writing a letter to Lord Rothchild in 1891.

    You be the judge, I thought it was interesting information. I give the website link if you wish to read the whole article.

    Financial Wizards & Wealthy Cults
    The Rothschild Bloodline

    "CO-MASTERS OF THE WORLD --connections to JWs, Mormons, and Judaism

    It has been said all roads lead to Rome. For this book, it could be said all paths of investigation lead to the Rothschilds. Charles T. Russell, in a 1891 letter to Baron (Lord) Rothschild, mailed from Palestine, outlined possible courses of action that could be taken to establish the Jews in Palestine. Russell’s letters praised the Rothschild’s money which established Jewish colonies in Palestine. Russell writes Rothschild, ,,What is needed here, therefore, next to water and cleanliness, is a good government which will protect the poor from the ravenous and the wealthy. Banking institutions on sound bases, and doing business honorably, are also greatly needed " Russell continues, "May the God of Jacob direct you, my dear Sir, and all interested with you in the deliverance and prosperity of Israel, and blessed will they be who, to any extent, yield themselves as his servants in fulfilling his will as predicted."(14) When the Mormon Church needed financing in the late 19th century, they went to Kuhn, Loeb Co.15 To explain the Rothschild’s control of Kuhn, Loeb Co. here is some background information. The method that the House of Rothschild used to gain influence, was the same that Royalty had used for centuries, marriage. The Rothschild children, girls and boys, have had their spouses chosen on the basis of alliances that would benefit the House of Rothschild, but since consolidating world power they generally have married cousins these last two centuries.’16 Jacob Schiff grew up in the house that the Rothschild’s had at 148 Judengasse, Frankfurt. Jacob Schiff came to the United States with Rothschild capital and took over control of a small jewish banking concern founded by two Cincinnati dry goods merchants Abraham Kuhn and Solomon Loeb. He even married Soloman’s daughter. In 1885, Loeb retired, and Schiff ran the Kuhn, Loeb Co. for the Rothschilds until 1920 when he died.17 During Russell’s and Brigham Young’s day, Lord Rothschild was considered the "lay leader of world Jewry."18 Edmund Rothschild was President of the Jewish Colonization Assoc,19 which was a major Zionist group. Amselm Rothschild indicated that his grandfather Amschel Mayer Rothschild had insisted in Clause 15 of his will to his children, "may they and their descendants remain constantly true to their ancestral Jewish faith."(20) However, the will has been secret and there is no way of knowing what it says.

    The Rothschilds have not remained true to the Orthodox faith. If this was actually what Clause 15 said then something is amiss. The Jewish world has showered the Rothschilds with praises, "The Rothschilds govern a Christian world. Not a cabinet moves without their advice. They stretch their hand, with equal ease, from Petersburg to Vienna, from Vienna to Paris, from Paris to London, from London to Washington. Baron Rothschild, the head of the house, is the true king of Judah, the prince of the captivity, the Messiah so long looked for by this extraordinary people... .The lion of the tribe of Judah, Baron Rothschild, possesses more real force than David--more wisdom than Solomon." (21) The Prieure de Sion-the Elders of Sion22 also relates to the Rothschilds who are reported to serve on a jewish council of Elders of Sion.23 The Rothschilds have "helped" the Jewish people the Rothschild’s own way. For those who admire stingyness, the Rothschilds will be greatly looked up to. For instance, the extent of James Rothschild’s charity in France to poor Jews was 5 francs (the equivalent of $1). Their dynasty has destroyed honest Jews along with Christians. Today, few dare criticize the Rothschilds."

  • satinka

    Hi there, I see you know something about the Russel/Rothschild connection. I've been following Mike & Kim's video channel where an interesting conversation arose about a letter written by Pastor Russel to Rothschild. I wonder if you might have a pdf version of the letter discussed at

    If you don't, do you know someone who might have such a letter?

    Thanks, much appreciated,

    satinka (aka: Esther)


    If the Rothschilds served Satan, then they would never help any servant of YHWH, ever....

    It’s more likely they serve YHWH ( Enlil ) in his quest to dominate the galaxy, while “Satan” ( Enki ) tries to give humans freedom and enlightenment.

    IMO, if any ancient writing is worth taking seriously, its the Sumerian records. Humans were reportedly created by fusing the DNA of the existing primates with the DNA of the “God,s” who landed on Earth.

    That scenario would answer far more questions than the Biblical account and clear up some issues for me about the human condition.


  • nonjwspouse


    I know you have good info to share on this topic. The coca cola money connection for example.

    She has even more info on the money connections.

  • satinka

    @JakeM2012 The link you provided is full of ads.

  • truthseeker

    The Youtube video I was going to link to has been taken down but it's an interview with Jordan Maxwell about his association with the JWs in the late 1960s. He was privileged to attend a dinner invite with some of the members of the Governing Body. Among them was the JW Treasurer.

    Jordan asked him, how do you finance your work? Your yearbook says you spent millions of dollars on missionaries yet the people who live in this part of California are poor.

    The JW told him that they have two open accounts, one with Chase and another bank in Pennsylvania. Jordan asks him "What do you mean open accounts?" and he replied that whatever their expenses are, the bank just covers it in full. This is not a loan. It seemed the banks were financing the JW organization.

  • vienne

    Open accounts are 'lines of credit." Lines of credit are similar to checking accounts, but if the owner draws more than the balance the overage becomes a short-term LOAN. This is a business practice. The banks were not financing the Watchtower.

    I haven't had time to drag it out yet, but the original Russell letter is in Zion's Watch Tower for 1895. It wasn't to Rothschild, though it referenced him. It was about Jewish settlement in Palestine. Russell was a Zionist; he believed as his Literalist predecessors did that the Jews would be resettled in a reconstituted Israel. Rothschild was financing resettlement of European Jews in Palestine. Hence, Russell's interest.

    Just writing to someone does not mean they support you. I've written many letters to people I would not associate with socially simply for information or to express my opinion. The "rule of thumb" behind my history writing is: "If it seems improbable, it probably is." Confirm before you believe.

    I've just gotten out of the hospital, and I'm more than a little sick. Be patient, and as I can I will copy out the original letter and post it.

  • Confusedandangry

    @ datadog, have you read any of Mauro Biglino's work? He was the head translator for the Vatican for many years but was let go when he began saying the bible does not talk about god when read in the literal sense. He believes Yahweh was a flesh and blood person.

    I really enjoyed listening to his interviews even with the lousy interpreter (Mauro is Italian). I found some of his points fascinating, however he also believes that human beings were genetically modified & created by an advanced race. Here is a link to an article about him for anyone interested.

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