Leaked S-303 Assembly Guidelines: Stealth tax? Money over mercy?

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  • Fay Dehr
    Fay Dehr

    Anyone got any more info they can share, or comments to add on this question:

    Are JW assemblies and conventions hit with a STEALTH TAX?
    Why do I ask? Well, please take a look at these leaked docs...

    S-330-E_Assembly-Guidelines - https://1drv.ms/b/s!AmCrvJcXI6M6gXlPIQOFWa6Ho52l

    Appendix B (p.48)
    Determine the new target balance for the circuit’s account.—See Instructions for Circuit Accounting (S-331).

    S-331E_Instructions-for-circuit-accounting - https://1drv.ms/b/s!AmCrvJcXI6M6gXpkmKkhD-paBgV3

    Target Balance (p.8, par.8)
    Expenses that will be incurred during the next assembly, such as a per-publisher contribution that is made for the use of an Assembly Hall, should not be included in the target balance.

    Per-publisher contribution should not be included? Why?

    Normal Operating Expenditures (p.1, par.7)
    Normal operating expenditures include per-publisher contributions for use of an Assembly Hall

    Are these directions now stating that a "per-publisher contribution" (determined and enforced by the branch) - aka "head tax" - should be hidden away in the accounts and filed simply as "normal operating expenses"? (Never announced or published) What would be the reaction of the average publisher if they found out that the reason for the high "expenses" announced at the assembly or convention was because their organization taxes everyone who attends? Would they begin to think that this was an organization more interested in money than mercy?

    (Looking for some interesting videos? https://rutube.ru/video/person/689813/ )

  • smiddy3

    I just looked at the links you provided Fay Dehr and I could just see Jesus Christ sitting down with his Twelve Disciples and outlining to them all of these man made rules and regulations and legalities etc and saying to them ,

    "Make sure you familiarize yourself with all of these requirements before I speak to the great crowd that we expect to attend my next sermons .

    We want to make sure we get the maximum contributions from them for the world wide preaching that is going to take place by the Roman Catholic Church before the protestants come along and throw a spanner in the works and confuse even me .

  • Giordano

    Smiddy my first thought looking at Kay's overview of Assembly Organization was to compare it to the early Christians. I know....... the times have changed and it takes organization to put on an Assembly but organizational activities stamps out the spiritual every time.

    A big part of the failure of the JW's is that they trade their spiritual life for the organizational life.

    There is nothing like corporation over reach to squeeze the joy out of good intentions.

    And Yes the head tax rational is not to be included so that they can justify their plea for extra contributions during the Assembly.

    A lot changed with the WTBTS when they dropped the title Servant for Overseer.

  • Vidiot
    Giordano - "A lot changed with the WTBTS when they dropped the title Servant for Overseer."


    Considering the slavery connotations, I look at it as more of a surprising (if unintentional) bit of honesty.


  • steve2

    Since its incorporation as a limited liability company (i.e., organization) in 1879 in the USA, the Watchtower Society has adhered to a business model.

    Rutherford made more explicit the business model during his presidency (1918-1942) and Knorr perfected it during perhaps the greatest period of growth (mid-to-late 1940s through the 1950s).

    Everything else is detail. Compare this organizational set up with other religious groups such as the Christadelphians and Seventh-Day Adventists and the contrast is very striking.

    Above all else, JW organization is an unapologetic business incorporated under law and adopting the language of the corporate world (president, board of governors, annual general meetings, in-house voting of board members, entry into the share market (under various titles), utilizing accountants to derive the most efficacious tax benefits, etc).

    If Jehovah or Yahweh exists, he is the God of incorporated bodies.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    There is a little voice that's in the head of every witness. That voice is the bull-shit meter. When the overseer says that "the cost in connection with this assembly is..." then deep down inside they say "why is the cost so high?".

    That is a little chink in their "organization" armor. Then they just veer off and look at this site and pow! Boom!


  • steve2

    Brings to mind Chuck Russell's claimed point of difference with the money-loving churches of Christendom:


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