New Episode - V - Shunning In A Racist Family Cult

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    This episode features a fascinating interview with someone that was raised in a racist family cult. It was very small, just 14 people or so in actuality, but the teachings of the leader were found online and attracted a lot of alt-right and neo-nazi supporters that were drawn to it. This is a look into the literal life cycle of a cult. It shows how it began, how it eventually came to an end, but how even then the beliefs still linger, which is the power of a cult. Last month's episode really shined a light on the narcissism present in Jehovah's Witnesses, and this episode shows how one narcissist can impact so many people's lives, and how narcissism breeds narcissism among the group.

    We will not be using this guest's name. She picked a letter to go by so we'll call her V. I will also not be releasing the name of the cult or the website that was used. We live in a world right now that is more concerned with hunting people down based on what a person said years ago than they are looking at who a person is now. My guest has been impacted in this current climate, where employment can be affected based on affiliation with a thing at one point in a person's life simply because they were raised in it. I'm not a proponent of outrage culture and I'm not here to cause problems for people. V should be applauded for her present and not punished for her past. She showed bravery and the willingness to be vulnerable in telling us all about her life.

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