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  • StarTrekAngel

    This was somewhat discussed in another thread but I figure I can start this one for those mostly interested on the docs. Most interesting to me what the name of Shawn Schafer at the end of one of the letters. (Wonder if he is related to David Schaffer). Another somewhat relevant piece is in the FAQ, where it states that 95.5% of all KH in the US branch territory are titled to the local congregation.

    Also, the sample survey form has been edited to cover up private information but I know the area. That particular form was for a congregation for a very small town in Texas. It is kind of difficult for me to comprehend how they would need a new KH and who they are going to sell the old one to.

  • Hecce


    This information complements the other thread about the relocation plans, one thing that is obvious; this project was carefully and professionally calculated and as some of the brothers had said it has the smell of business all over.

  • Atlantis

    Thank you! Excellent!


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