There will be no fifth generation of jw’s in my family.

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  • longgone

    I’m happy to say that, yet as always with the WTS there is a price to be paid. I’ll explain how this is working out.There’s a new development in the family that’s making the final break possible, and sadly is where the penalty for leaving is going to happen.

    Only one person of all the JW family history is left that could start a fifth, he’s my nephew. He’s seventeen and has recently realized TTATT.

    This is where the tragedy is going to be. He’s keeping quiet until he gets things in order before leaving openly. He said he knows his parents will not speak with him once they know his position even if he isn’t disfellowshipped or disassociates himself. He said he loves his family and I hope that won’t happen.Though of course eventually it will come to that, he won’t go the rest of his life pretending to be a Witness.

    Thanks to the baptizing of children, as he was only about fifteen he loses his parents. If not for that it would be different. Sadly this is true for many of us here.

    I have not gone into the details of the entire family drama that is ongoing because of the religion. The bottom line in this story is that the Watchtower cult continues to break up families day every day. The only good part is what the I stated in the topic, no fifth generation in this family will suffer at the hands of the WTS.

    My heart is hurting over the whole situation, but those of us in the family who left will do our best to help him. Thank you for listening and your support.🌿

  • ScenicViewer

    It's truly sad that your nephew will lose his family even if he isn't DA'd or DF'd, but cutting off the family lineage as slaves to the Watchtower religion is really good news!

    It's terrible that kids are lured into baptism as teenagers, or younger, and held to it as a "life long, binding, irrevocable contract" (I believe those are the words).

    All the best to you and your nephew as you navigate your way through this.

  • smiddy3

    Jesus the prince of peace Isa.9:6,7. didn`t come to bring peace on the Earth but to cause division in one`s household.Matt.10:34-37.

    He said he knows his parents will not speak with him once they know his position even if he isn’t disfellowshipped or disassociates himself.

    Let`s put the blame where the blame originates from.

    I wish all the best for your nephew in the tough times ahead for him and hope he has the courage to forge ahead with his convictions.

    It takes guts to do that at a young age.

  • Xanthippe

    Sorry your nephew is having to go through this Longgone. If he says his parents won't speak to him if he leaves he's probably right, people tend to know the family they live with very well.

    All I can say is he's lucky to have you there for him, plus the other relatives who've realised TTATT. It's sad young people lose parents to this horrible cult. We're here for you both.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    I feel for you and your nephew's situation, but you both have the support and love of family members who are not controlled by the cult.

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  • DesirousOfChange

    I hadn't thought about it, but I guess we could say the same thing. All of our kids are POMO. Fortunately, it hasn't resulted in shunning by any important family members. Our grandchildren should have a great future ahead of them.

  • jp1692

    Well that's something worth celebrating!

  • truthseeker

    Longgone, it’s the same with our family though me and my siblings are out so no 4th generation Witnesses.

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