El General on the December Broadcast

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  • Sliced

    Please see Google article on the Brother Franco who just pleaded to all young ones to stay close to Jehovah and learn from his past mistakes on the December Broadcast to see the REAL REASON he left the music industry.


    Later career[edit]

    In 2004, he announced his retirement from the music industry after an incident with the government of Panama because of the cancellation of his diplomatic passport.[5] However, he alleged he would dedicate more time to his career as a producer and entrepreneur...


    He is currently dedicated as a Jehovah's Witness, to preach the coming of God's Kingdom. He has a foundation called Niños Pobres Sin Fronteras ("Poor Children Without Borders") in Panama City hosting a program of his own called Sal, Azúcar, Miel y Canela ("Salt, Sugar, Honey and Cinnamon") at Radio Kids.

    Cool thing is- I love that song from C & C Music Factory that he features in the opening. haha

    Just another little expose of the real situation behind the scenes.

  • Tenacious

    Nothing like using a celebrity to boost those baptism numbers.

    It doesn't matter though, they're on a sinking ship and if this moron El General wants to join them more power to him. He's a has-been anyhow so really doesn't matter.

  • scratchme1010

    I don't think that celebrities are very good at using their status to bring in more people to the WT. The WT as an entity is quite self-centered, making a big point that nobody but them should have the spotlight.

    Good luck to "El General", whatever, dude.

  • schnell

    Is B-Rock still a JW? It'd be hilarious if he went on there.


  • Sliced

    Well my point is that they make it appear that he just ran back to Jehovah because he knew he should have never left... (the same old sad sack story- the world was soooo cruel) When in reality- his passport was screwed up and he apparently had no choice...

    He is a has been- that is for sure.

    So stupid to use him as an example when anyone can easily Google and see that he was really LOVING HIS CAREER!

  • schnell

    Sure but the target audience of JWB is probably not going to check that.

  • Sliced

    Omg-- now that song is stuck in my head! hahaaaaaa

  • Sliced
    • Sure but the target audience of JWB is probably not going to check that.
    • Oh sorry Schnell- I was actually talking about the General guy not meant for your comment. My posts are taking a while to update

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