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  • Edison Trent
    Edison Trent

    A new letter became available. I got it from a friend of mine in a german congregation. He told me the book is not available until now, because the revised bible haven't been released in german.


    Re: Jesus—The Way, the Truth, the Life

    Dear Brothers: We are pleased to inform you that the book Jesus—The Way, the Truth, the Life will be considered at the Congregation Bible Study beginning the week of December 18, 2017.

    In anticipation of this, production of printed copies will begin in the next few months. In view of the cost involved in producing printed publications, it is preferred that publishers make full use of electronic copies if possible. However, if you wish to request a printed copy, please inform your group overseer at the conclusion of this meeting.

    We send our warm Christian love.

    PS to bodies of elders:

    Please arrange for this letter to be read to the congregation at the first midweek meeting after its receipt. Thereafter, it should be posted on the information board. However, this postscript should neither be read to the congregation nor be posted on the information board.

    Each group overseer should ask each publisher in his group whether the publisher desires a printed copy. Special care should be taken by each group overseer to contact any publishers in his group who are homebound or were absent from the meeting when the announcement was made. After tallying the requests from his group, the group overseer should promptly inform the service overseer of the quantity needed. The service overseer, with the help of the literature servant, should verify the number of requests that could not be filled immediately. The service overseer should then convey this number to the languagecoordinating congregation.

    Language-coordinating congregations should submit requests for the total quantity needed by the congregations in their language group. A few additional copies may be requested for stock. All requests should be submitted to the branch office by July 16, 2017.

  • ElderEtta
    In view of the cost involved in producing printed publications, it is preferred that publishers make full use of electronic copies if possible.

    The writing's on the wall

  • Awakenednow
  • pale.emperor

    Jesus—The Way, the Truth, the Life. This is the book that replaces The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived book. Because the Greatest Man book is now... you guess it OLD LIGHT.

    How many hours, weeks, months, years did we spend studying that book over and over again? So many times that my answers were still highlighted and written in the margins so i didn't even need to study it the other times it came around. Well that was a waste of time wasn't it? We probably should have, you know, just studied the bible like we were supposed to in the first place.

  • Spiral

    @pale.emperor, does anyone know what the differences are between the Greatest Man Book and this new book?

    Again, older people or ones who can't afford or learn to use a tablet are left behind. Funny how this is all working out.

  • ttdtt
    In view of the cost involved in producing printed publications, it is preferred that publishers make full use of electronic copies if possible.

    That is NOT new - that has been the company line for a while now.

    Since it turned out NOT to be materialistic or evil to use an iPad from the stage.

    I used an iPad for my talks and parts literally the week it came out.
    It was a great tool for that and gave me lots of freedom (paper sucks)

    Then it became TABOO! We got a letter saying that if Elders use it from the stage, it will make friends who can't afford it go out and get one - or it will cause Class Distinctions.

    So it was back to paper till......

    The WT figured out how much they would SAVE with making electronic pubs!

    Then it was - F#uck the Class Distinctions - full speed ahead!

    The WT and the GB are reprehensible in everything they do.

  • Spiral

    @ttdtt - what a riot this whole love hate relationship with the internet, tablets, and websites is. I can remember getting criticized for having a job that involved being on the computer and internet a lot (this was the early days, needless to say I didn't quit) because Satan was going to take over my brain, blah blah blah

    Fast forward a decade or so when I was out and happy, I come back to take my Mom to meeting and she's upset people have stuff (i.e. ipads, etc.) and she doesn't have one or understand what's going on. She had been so "righteous" because she didn't know anything about the internet or computers and that really bit her in the backside. I bought her a ipad and we take that thing to EVERY meeting we go to EVEN THOUGH SHE'S CLUELESS just because I want to make a statement. (OK, and maybe it's partly "my mom with dementia has a better ipad than you" but anyway......) That's quite Christian of me, I think, and I learned it at the KINGDOM HALL

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