Why dont you go to the memorial?

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  • nonjwspouse

    I began going for my mother in law and her sister to be able to "show off" the new grandbaby (our daughter) and because my husband seemed to want to go in order to make his mother happy. Innocent enough, I thought at the time. After attending three times, each time I was more bothered, even to the point of feeling repulsed at the act of passing the symbols of the Eucharist , to reject Jesus.I was insulted at the intended low level of audience reading ability the very first time I read a WT and Awake. I was insulted at the way the men would speak to the people in the congregation, as if all were very simple minded people without the ability to reason ( huh, imagine that).

    Once I learned that i was automatically counted as an interested one in each year book numbers ( a big fat lie I am sure many of these numbers come from) , and then later learned of my husbands true intent ( converting me after his solemn promise never to attempt to do so,) I will never set foot into a KH again. ( Unless under disguise, and only for some unforeseen mission for information I might embark on.)

    The JW memorial season, for me, is sickening. It brings out the cult personality in my husband which is so destructive in our marriage, one held together by a thin thread as it is.

    I get weary of the yoyo of emotions I go through when hoping he might be waking up....because I will never know. He is not honest. He will lie to cover up his true feelings. The trust, for me, is gone.

    Compound that with his increasing inability to function as a provider in the household. Constantly "forgetting" important business, family, emotional things. .....sigh... Then his reactive behavior anytime he is challenged ( this has nothing to do with any religious topic) he resorts to name calling, threats, and the silent treatment. I don't know whether to believe he is cult brain damaged, or has organic brain damage from his health issues. Extreme, and I do mean extreme, ADD, lack of emotion, lack of rational thinking, explosive anger when challenged, but otherwise refusing to acknowledge the severe financial predicament we are in, the severe marital stress we have. He pretends, and he is good at pretending the old JW " happiest people in the word".

    His previous promise that he would be baptized into the JW is still standing, though he stopped studies and stopped going to the hall for years now, he is planning to go to the memorial. I never know when that next shoe will drop . If his cult personality returns in full force, I won't be able to live in the same house with him. But, I never know ...

    At least for the past 6 months he is not staying in bed for weeks at a time ( this is literal, not figurative) and it went on for years. Sleep became his "drug of choice" to escape everything. You can imagine what that does to a household income, his health, and the relationship. He began working for his nephew, which actually brings in SOME money compared to the erratic jobs he had in his own business ( Which he is very good at technically, but has NO business sense in order to turn a profit, period.)

  • disillusioned 2
    disillusioned 2
    I dont want to be added to their numbers for their purpose of boasting about how many attended. I dont believe they are right anymore and they dont do what Jesus commanded them to do regarding partaking of the bread and wine. I also dont want to give my family any ideas that I may return because I attended. I find them all very false and even patronising. I hate that they encorage anyone and everyone to go just to bump the numbers up. My invite from my husband went straight into the recycling bag.
  • ShirleyW
    I haven't been to a meeting including the memorial since the 80's. My mother used to come home and brag that we had 'such and such" a huge number at the memorial, which I remember them having because the hall I used to go to along with the other cong that used to meet there used to rent out a school auditorium or gym for it. However, keeping in mind I haven't been to a meeting since the 80's and my mother passed in early 2006, I noticed that the bragging stopped, which was due to the lack of attendance, which either this site or Tishies site (which I used to follow before I found Simons site) pointed out. Even when they used to get the huge attendance numbers I asked where are these people during the rest of of the year? To which my mother gave the embarrassing answer of " oh, some of them come to the other meetings" which is an absolute lie. Never been to the Ministry School or even the Sunday meeting where people were wrapped along the walls or standing outside because there wasn't enough room.
  • stuckinarut2

    Everything "hofnung" and "fleshyheadedmutant" said above!

    Word for word.....

  • elderINewton

    We all have similar reasons wow.

    Not wanting to be part of the numbers is important, and to me that they are a cult that hurts people that is misleading 8.2 million. But as another mentioned my reason is that those peodophile lovin fuckers can kiss my ass before I'll ever set foot in again. Then they need to beg my forgiveness for asking me to break the law.

  • ToesUp

    I don't hang out or attend events where I feel that I am not wanted. I refuse to attend just to boost their numbers.

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    I sleep easy knowing that my presence will be doubly covered by two guys who have zero interest in the stupid cult their silly old mother is nuts about. Yearly attenders - they will never again show up on the count after the old lady passes.

    There must be hundreds of thousands just like them - coerced, guilted and badgered into burning good gas just to have their heads counted by nitwits.

  • sparrowdown
    Because the whole thing is a redundant farce. That and I'll be busy rearranging my fridge magnets.
  • stuckinarut2

    Why attend an event with people who don't like you or would not even great you in the street??

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Although this information had been systematically hidden by the Roman Church for obvious reasons, Jesus was simply the name applied to long succession of half-human half-god saviour figures or "christs" who would save people from death by their own sacrificial death.

    These primitive god-man cults should have been consigned to history where they belong.

    In the second century these words were attributed to the "christ" called Jesus:

    "There are some of those standing here who will not taste death before they have seen the kingdom of God already come in power." Mark 9;1 NEB

    Jesus got it wrong. No subsequent events could ever make the statement true. Christianity and all religion is a misdirection and a colossal waste of time.

    The memorial supper at the spring equinox with symbols of blood and flesh of the saviour was copied by Jesus christianity from the cult of Mithra (the "good shepherd") where it had been a principal ritual since about 390BCE.

    And anyway, human sacrifice is not my cup of tea.

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