The difference between Jesus and Angels

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    Following up on my last video, the JWs will teach that Jesus Christ is an angel - which some Christians hold to as well. In the below video I look at the scriptures with the Whiteboard as my aid, explaining the difference between Michael, God's angel, the Angel of the Lord, and common mistakes that JWs and Christians make on this doctrine. If the Bible stipulates in Hebrews that Christ is separate from the angels, then why teach that He is?

    The video is one hour, however it will help those who are interested in this subject

    Is Jesus Christ an Angel?

  • cofty

    Hello from a fellow Scot.

    You are starting from a presupposition that the bible has a coherent Christology. If you read it objectively you will see that there is an evolving position about Jesus as we read the letters of Paul, the earliest gospel of Mark, the other synoptic gospels and then John.

    The bible is a library of books. The authors did not all agree.

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