How is Babylon the Great a kingdom in Revelation 17:18?

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  • jwdoctrine

    In Revelation 17:18 we read: "And the woman whom you saw means the great city that HAS A KINGDOM over the kings of the earth.”

    The Watchtower's official position is that Babylon the Great is the worldwide false religion and nothing else but we never really think of Babylon the Great as a real country with physical borders and citizens? I just finished writing an article on that, let me know what you think.How can Babylon be a kingdom over other kingdoms in the last days?

    How is Babylon the Great a kingdom in Revelation 17:18?

  • James87

    Its interesting with good background historical information but just my opinion a little hard to connect the dots with today world since most of what was written about took place over 300+ years ago. The Church had great power then, today not so much. Time makes all things change. Nokia once rules the world of cell phones, today they are our of business basically.

    Right now the Pope is a likeable figure to some, charismatic to some, and someone with moral authority to some, compared to certain current leaders in office.

    I would say the Pope is more like a Gandhi, Dalai Lama type who is typically seen a good person. Someone you want imput from but at the end of the day have already made up your mind and will do whatever you wanted to do. Just my opinion.

  • Ireneus

    Good guess!

    Here is an interesting book I read which would help you to think also in another angle.

  • Bobcat

    If you take it in the context within which it was written, it could not be referring to America or the RC church. The angel who announces that 'she has fallen' (Rev 18:2-4) is speaking to John in the 1st century and using the aorist tense, as if this is something that has already happened and encouraging "my people" to get out of her before her plagues arrive.. The USA and Christian institutions had not yet come into existence at that point in time. Isaiah chapter 2 better fits the situation described in Rev 18:2-4. According to NT writers, the "last days" corresponds with the whole of the Christian era starting with Jesus' first advent. (Heb 1:1-2)

    On the idea that it might picture the USA, there was a fictional book that took it that way, called Alas, Babylon (here).

  • Fred Franztone
    Fred Franztone

    Babylon the great was code for the Roman empire

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