Just a story I found of how one family left.

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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    While wandering on Youtube, I came across a user named Trueface. Perhaps you have already watched it. I liked it because they describe their thoughts on how events and research led them to leave the WT. How I wish some of my family members were this reasonable so they could leave too.


  • GrreatTeacher

    Great video. Bump for Sunday evening surfers.

    Watch to see how the local congregation treated one of its loyal longtime members upon her decline due to dementia and subsequent death.

  • ToesUp

    Great interview. This young man and his lovely wife were also interviewed by JT and Lady Ce on Critical Thinker. He talks about how his in laws exited the cult.

    One person from the congregation showed up at the Sisters memorial? Nice! What a disgusting cult.

    I believe we will see more and more of these interviews in the near future. WT and JW's are really showing the public their true colors.

    Keep it up WT and JW's, you are doing a great job in sinking your own ship.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    The MIL of this nice young guy is a thinker. She is nice. She does what people should do when they come upon a situation (her daughter and SIL leave the borg) that they don't understand.

    They talk, they listen, they think!

    So nice to see that, it must make this guy & his wife really happy!

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