Marx had it right - religion is a drug

by berrygerry 4 Replies latest social current

  • berrygerry

    Watching the head-bobbers at a meeting, or as my ex would always say "Wasn't that a great meeting?" There simply must be a chemical, hormonal reason for someone to sincerely enjoy sitting through 2 hours of regurgitated, puréed bullshit.

    MRI's confirm what religious manipulators exploit.

  • cognisonance

    Yep. Marx was also right in Wage Labor and Capital. I see a lot of parallels to religion and belief in free market capitalism.

  • prologos

    Because of recreational drugs many have never reached their potential, payd a high price, and religion, even wt has had the same results.

  • Vidiot

    "I need a hit, man..."

    "Praise Jesus! Testify!"

    "Ah, that's good shit, man..."

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The WT drug has staying power, it’s like ’getting’ Communism and looking forward to the world communist revolution to come ...but never did and like Big A, never will. But the believer is hooked and constantly needs the WT weekly fix to keep going.

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