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  • Ardian

    The artcile makes The WatchTower the most popular magazine on some amibigious points. Is it still that popular?

  • Simon

    Most widely distributed != most popular

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    It is a bit more complicated than that, Watchtower in Europe is not the same as Watchtower in the US. Yes, they may have the same title and distributed by the same organization, but content they are often different with articles either being swapped out, delayed, different amount of articles etc.

    Elsevier for example publishes a subscription for over a thousand similar looking magazines organized by about a dozen topics to hundreds of thousands of people each across the world. Would that subscription be considered a single magazine in the way that WTBTS does, then they would easily beat Watchtower by an order of magnitude.

    Besides that fact, they are by no means the largest distributor, I would say that falls to AARP in the US or possibly one of the larger European groups that distributes things like TV magazines across many countries and these days with things going digital, it is easy to ‘distribute’ a single magazine to millions of people.

  • smiddy3

    As i have said on another post on this forum ,They maybe the most widely distributed magazines in the whole world but certainly not the most read and the only reason they are the most distributed magazines is because of 8 million delusional Jehovah`s Witnesses who give these mags away for free in their door to door ministry in the hope of converting someone.

  • InquiryMan
    Not true about Europe. Content exactly the same (some times a local statistics or footnote added).. Several years ago it was delayed due translation, but after meps etc this has not been so for decades. i do not think it is published simultaneously these days in most languages, more languages today, but far less issues and content (public editions).

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