Why Do You No Longer Believe in God?

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  • Viviane
    I'm always open to evidence.
  • Finkelstein

    Some of the reasons I don't believe in god(s) is because men were the ones who created these supernatural agents through their own imagination and subsequent ignorance.

    For example the ancient Hebrews said that their god YHWH looks like a man with two hands two feet a bum and a nose, a likeness image of themselves as males.

    Sorry but the thought of the almighty creator of the entire universe looking like a man is

    improbable and a bit ridiculous.

  • Heaven
    I think the ancients who worshipped the sun as their God were on the right track for without it, there would be no life on this planet.
  • cappytan

    I am of the same opinion. I will eat a whole crockpot full of crow if someone presents verifiable definitive evidence of the existence of any supernatural creator being.

    Now, whether or not I would worship such a being is another story.

  • StarTrekAngel

    Let me rephrase since it seems like may be my question was not understood.

    Does belief require evidence in your opinion? Wether you belief in God or Karma, does believing requires one to have tangible evidence for the existence of the thing you believe in?

  • Finkelstein

    Does belief require evidence in your opinion?

    Yes or the information falls into imaginative fiction, like the story of Sasquatch.

    Fear combined with ignorance of the world in which we live in caused the belief in gods.

    Let it be understood though that this subsequent fear of gods was used to control people's

    social behavior such as what we see in the ancient Hebrew civilization.

  • cofty
    if you could prove God does not exist. But you can't.

    I can. Assuming we are talking about the "god and father of Jesus Christ".

  • Heaven

    StarTrekAngel said: Wether you belief in God or Karma, does believing requires one to have tangible evidence for the existence of the thing you believe in?

    StarTrekAngel, in my opinion, tangible evidence is a requirement if one is trying to convince others of one's beliefs and threatening these 'non-believers' with harm if they don't agree or comply.

  • Xanthippe
    • Viviane
      Viviane6 hours ago
      Viviane you still haven't answered bohm's reply to your challenge to name an evolving computer program.

      Yes, I did. And it wasn't a challenge, it was a request for proof of EoMs claim (which bohm was also unable to answer).

    • You still haven't answered bohm. I don't know why anyone thinks this woman is an intellectual. She ignores people who answer her with facts and plays debating tricks with words. I seriously worry about anyone who values her intellectual prowess.
  • Stealth

    20 pages for a question that could be answered in 3 words?

    Lack of evidence!

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