Support groups to assist individuals to leave high control groups such as Jehovah's witnesses

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  • UnshackleTheChains

    Just watched ' ONE OF US' on Netflix about individuals who are trying to leave the Hasidic orthodox Jewish faith group (a high control group within Judaism).

    I found it interesting as those who rebel or leave are virtually ostracized from their community. The documentary is an eye opener into their highly insular community.

    One of the things I thought interesting is that there is a support group called FOOTSTEPS to help Hasidic Jews wanting to leave the strict insular way of life so that they can move on with their lives.

    This got me thinking. There is no doubt there is a need for similarly providing support groups like FOOTSTEPS to assist and support indivduals wishing to leave high control insular groups like Jehovahs Witnesses.

    Yes, there is exjw meetups which are great. I've been to some. But a structured support group would be incredibly beneficial to anyone trying to leave and move on with their life.

    I am going to write to similiar groups like footsteps to find out their approach/their model as to how they can help individuals move on.

    'ONE OF US' is worth a look. Check it out


  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Please report what you learn - there is certainly a need.

  • scratchme1010

    The International Cultic Studies Association, along with some of the mental health professionals affiliated with them have support groups for people who are recovering from high-demand, controlling groups, and those who have lost loved ones to such groups. They have retreats, conferences, support groups, a magazine, a library of resources, quite a lot of information. I know two psychologists, a married couple who have a private support group, and also provide individual counseling around the cult experience.

    I ran a workshop for them once, a workshop specifically for current and former JWs.

    Please check them out. I don't necessarily endorse them, nor do I provide any review of them. Every person's experience is different, so I encourage you to check them out and judge for yourself.

    I am going to check FOOTSTEPS myself and see what they are all about.

  • Phizzy

    I think Terri O'Sullivan and friends are trying to promote just such a Group here in the U.K

    I think it will be inclusive, for anyone needing it, not just J.W's.

    But, it takes a certain amount of money, plus time and effort to get something like that going.

    I will try to find out more,.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    All good information. We are using some of this for our little X-Cult group. We have 5-6 in our group. All from different backgrounds. I have learned that all cult's have the same M-O also it has reinforce my thinking I was in a cult. It is good for all of us to research this. Still Totally ADD

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Thanks for all the replies. I think there is most definitely a need. In relation to money, I am sure that funding can be sourced if there is a good case put forward for such support groups.

    Such support groups would really need to encompass individuals from a variety of groups; for those who have either already left high control pressure groups or those wanting to leave and are in need of assistance.

    Here is the link to some of the stuff FOOTSTEPS provide for its members.

    In the Netflix documentary, I was particularly moved by the genuine sincere support given to the young woman who had to give up her children to her still in husband.

  • SummerAngel

    Reahout Trust in UK is Chriatrian based but has volunteers who will support people wanting to leave cults particularly JWs. They only suport those who want to leave. Obviously theyre support is from a Christian perspective but they are not about recruiting for Christianity they are about suporting people to leave a unbiblical high control cult. Me and Mr angel are violunteers.

    My only issue is volunteers arent trained counsellors and i think if you are going to offer support in something as complex as leaving a cult that you should be. I am training now with a view to specializing in this later.

    Ive been out aprox 30 years and i didnt even know there was an ex JW community until 2 years ago.

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