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  • Vanderhoven7

    This is not exactly a new topic, but bears repeating anyway:

    A JEHOVAH'S WITNESS (non-anointed) IS A PERSON:

    a. who is not born of the Spirit of God (Spirit begotten) and therefore cannot see/inherit the Kingdom of God.

    b. who has not been justified by the blood of Christ.

    c. who is not part of the New Covenant.

    d. who has no personal Mediator.

    e. who is bereft of a heavenly hope.

    f. who cannot come unto Jesus Christ when troubled or have commune i.e. relate to him on a personal level.

    g. who believes an extra-biblical gospel that the Apostle Paul knew nothing about.

    h. whose faith is centered in men (GB) not God or the Bible.

    i. who must never voice any opinion on any doctrine (even the extra-biblical stuff) contrary to that of the GB or risk discipline and possible disfellowship.

    j. whose organization feels free to invent conspiracies and arbitrarily add words to the New Testament, as in the case of the name "Jehovah", selectively reflecting its doctrinal bias.

    k. who after doing fieldservice (which usually involves the extra-biblical practice of going door to door) must then complete a written report every month detailing time spent preaching to remain in "good standing".

    l. who believes that those of all those of other faiths (including those claiming to be Christian) are part of satan’s organization and will die at the hand of Jehovah at Armageddon.

    m. who cannot partake of the bread and wine which represent the body and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    n. who take full advantage of government provisions such as health care and income benefits, yet will not vote, or work for a governmental organization.

    o. who will strongly encourage you to read their organization's literature while openly refusing to receive or read literature from you developed by your church or church publisher.

    p. who is not allowed independent religious thought.

    q. who must avoid relating to and in many cases actually shun family members who have been disfellowshipped from the organization.

    r. who would lose the privilege of giving a public address in North America if he grew a beard.

    s. who will be disciplined and possibly disfellowshipped if caught celebrating birthdays, Christmas, wishing people a happy Mother's Day or reading literature opposed to the WTS.

    t. Who can be disfellowshipped for smoking cigarettes.

    u. who actually plans/aspires to be raised in the resurrection of the UNJUST.

    v. whose religion is spurious to scripture in the sense that everything that is original and unique to it is in fact, extra-biblical.

    w. who belives that a criteria for salvation is that one must find and submit to an organization. One cannot be saved without the GB.

    x. who readily embraces extra-biblical information.

    y. whose doctrine is dertermined by 2/3 majority vote.

    z. who rejects biblical salvation (which is a gift of God, not of works) for a gospel of relative works-righteousness.


  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    It's interesting that you have listed some things that I was thinking about recently.

    The usual claim by the witnesses is that everything they believe is Bible-based. I used to think that it was so, and told people that it was so.

    Then you start thinking, where in the Bible are month end field service reports? Where does it say that your church is called a Kingdom Hall? Where does it say that you shouldn't take the memorial emblems? And once you start pulling on that little thread then the whole garment starts to unravel...

    The sad fact is that the GB know it otherwise they would have called their book What The Bible Teaches, and not inserted the word Really into the title. Because it implies that JWs have been shown a secret Bible hidden away from the rest of the world. And everyone gets curious about secrets and want to know more. And then they get caught up with the organisation.

    I have always, even when I was an elder in the sad old days, had a personal library of books by other religious groups and organisations. Everything from Thomas Merton to the Dalai Lama. My mind is always open to fresh ideas. And as I had to attend the funerals of my staff on behalf of the management team I got to go to many different churches and hear the services. Whereas the average JW wouldn't go into a church even if it was a fine architectural building. Guess it all contributed to my waking up.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Amen all the way down the line. Even though a JW may admit some of these are true, like service reports and beards, I think anything can be reasoned away as long as they're convinced that the central tenants that make JWs unique are true. If those are true, then the 'little' things aren't too important. However, speaking for myself, once I realized that these unique JW teachings I was convinced were in the Bible actually weren't, like Christians living forever on Earth, military service being wrong, blood ban, door to door preaching, last days, etc. Then the nagging doubts about all the little things made sense and there was no need to rationalize. It was basically all false.

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