In Heaven now, Old Brother asks What Is Going On?

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    Mentioned before I woke up in this huge space with thousands of others, someone told me they waiting for "completion" of number or something. Apparently lots get here according to their partaking of emblems, but they fail the Scripture Test. Not sure where they go if they fail but a lot here sweating on revising scriptures, apparently an immediate fail is if you answer 'Yes' to question "Did you ever believe the stuff about Types and Anti Types', seems a lot here failed on question 'Have you ever practised shunning?' , the seemingly zealous sort never reappear here after answering Yes to that, good job I ignored all that rubbish.

    Very odd thing is that here the sisters are equal to brothers! Some even taking lead in trying to get us into groups of around 100 or so, they working closely with failed or should I say former COs who want to visit each of these groups in turn. Each group of 100 or so to join with about 20 similar groups to make the ex COs a route to go on. Some sisters want each group to have a different symbol or salute, or even follow dcertain styles of dress ( a bit hard that one as the only department store gives everyone the same outfit to wear) This creating of groups goes deeper as some ex-heavier want us to separate into regions so they can 'direct' us.

    Fortunately one of The Boss's people called in and put a stop to that, the messenger said The Boss would organise us when he was ready, some murmuring at this as some here have been waiting since before 1900, well no rush.

    Found out more about the Scripture Test, apparently need to conjugate or decline word 'generation' in at least 20 ways. That to allow any meaning or understanding of some vague prophesy about the end to be on railway tracks, always moving, never in the same place ever.

    What is more surprising is that The Boss has apparently been on holiday for millenniums, and is not expected back for centuries. So no Big A just yet, which is good as I enjoy idleness.

    As mentioned , the former COs were trying to arrange the order of things around here, but a messenger from The Boss had a letter he had written for them centuries ago " make sure of the more important things" so now they determined to get us into cleaning squads , no Windows to clean here

    An ex bethel heavy came round yesterday asking for donations, apparently some ex GB members here miss their Rolex watches so it was thought that a collection would enable us to keep the ex GB in the style they accustomed to. No lake or mountain views here but the ex DOs have commandeered the best spaces for the former GB people, with suggestion that when we fly down to earth, they take First Class, as that what they expecting.

    some very mild people here began to ask questions about all this organisation and class distinction, the former COs soon sorted that out and ordered the murmerers to go away to a quarter were no one was. The murmurers tried to appeal but the ex bethel heavies just ordered more sanctions against them. Good job someone is taking care of us here!

    No on ever likely in a million years to need a Blood Transfusion , ibut The Leaders, as the ex GB people have called themselves, sent cards round for us all to sign to notify the Heavenly Authorities we would not accept blood. The Leaders said it was a minimum requirement

    The sisters here are equal to everyone and not surprisingly when they talk they can beat any brother!,

    Lots here needs cleaning at our Kingdom Hall, as we call the space we meet in on Tuesday and Sunday, Our COHB (coordinator of a Heavenly Body) is far too busy to help cleaning, just as well, he is constantly demanding I do more.

    Must dash now a Special Assembly Day has been called by the ex GB, so they can explain the railway track now overlaps with the bus, Generation teaching.

    Be glad when The Boss back from holiday!

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