WT rules about Adultry and forgiveness

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  • Addison0998

    I hate the rule about if your mate cheats on you, and you have sex with them, you are not free to remarry because the sex means you forgave them and keeps you stuck with them! I personally disagree and think it’s so controlling that they think they can dictate what goes on behind closed doors between two consenting, legally married married people. And that they think they have the right to label what other people’s sex means. I don’t know if I would personally sleep with someone who had cheated on me, but hell, if we still have to live together until the divorce, it happens, sometimes people get horny, and besides they might end up single for the rest of their lives if they’re middle aged, sometimes people just want one last time. But anyways the Bible never even mentions this, so I find it crazy how other witnesses aren’t bothered by this at all.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Makes sense on what you are saying but always remember this. It's a Cult. It's all about control. Still Totally ADD

  • jwundubbed

    Is there a reason that you posted this twice? Only 12 or so hours apart?

  • Finkelstein

    So what if a spouse cheated and didn't tell their partner but they had sex after and maybe during the act(s) of adultery ?

    Would you still be able divorce, there seems to be lack of balanced reasoning going on here.

    ........ but then again this is religion.

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