For Australian victims regardless of gender.

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  • umbertoecho

    I wasn't going to post until after my hearing. But I have changed my mind due to a PM. Yesterday was a terrible day. I don't like to feel the past too much and confess that I am emotionally inept in many ways. For this I am truly sorry. I have a friend here who is kind and took the time to understand and explain how badly I present at times. Thankyou Mighty V8 You visited me and you were flexible in your' approach.

    You are not afraid of the ugliness that is the reality of child abuse. You have not pried into the details and made me feel dreadful.

    I had a PM from a woman in my state who has registered and I say this........Good on you. That is the first and most important move. I say to all in Australia who have been abused.........You will not be treated badly. You will have support, validation and a chance to explain how things really are. You must not minimise your experience and try to tell yourselves that your experience is less than another's. All experiences are important to the RC. Indeed! If you care to re-view the video's of the RC in Australia, you will see the woman who is next to justice McClellan. She is an integral part of this process and a most humane advocate of abuse victims. They don't have to be "all" female. Don't be afraid of coming forward. If you become afraid as I have many them. They will never let you down or make you feel crazy.

    I felt so afraid yesterday that I could hardly breath right. I was somewhere in the past and the now. I felt dreadful and so lonely. I called them and they called straight back. No judicial committee required. They cared and they cried with or for me....Don't stop now when the real "guts" of the matter are coming to light. Don't think you had a "one off experience" and it doesn't matter.

    I know I will give testimony, but don't know what to do after it is done. They won't let you feel alone and we have good rational minds to do so much that is respectful, kind and supportive for the next wave of victims.

    If you are sincere; in the name of reason and your basic respect of children, teenagers or vulnerable people: come forward and put this right. If you need me to encourage you. Call me. PM me and I will tell you that these people are very kind and serious about sorting this matter out.

    They are educated, smart, emotionally kind.................

  • sparrowdown
    Keep going, stay strong, and contrary to what WT teaches - individuals DO count!
  • talesin

    When those terrible days come along, full of memories and the helpless feelings - remember that you are safe NOW. I am so glad to read that you are getting this type of support! When I look up at the stars, I will think of you, umbertoecho, and know that *we* are not alone.

    Sharing your healing, and being supportive of others, is the best thing, and you have my support and admiration.


    tal :sunglasses:

    PS. I, too, have always been socially inept. It's a skill set which we were prevented from learning. It's a hard way to be, with so few people making the effort to get past the protective walls. My heart goes out to you. xx

  • Daniel1555

    You are very courageous....

    I am sending you all my love....

  • truthlover


    When you are young are trained to respect the "older men" - never to question what they do - keep humble - brother this and brother that- low education - low self esteem -- then the field is ripe to be abused... that is not your fault!

    Everything that has happened was not your fault - every day you will get stronger, you will stand tall, you can overcome... the despair will make way for some happiness, not always, but there are going to be times when you feel as if you have conquered those fears.

    The distrust you feel will probably always be with you but that can be a protection as well... many things happen throughout our lives and we can learn and grow from that. Many wishes to you and your will to challenge those who have controlled and manipulated your life. You are now free from that grip and willing to so something about it. That takes guts!! All the best.

  • truthseekeriam

    I truly hope you try your best to look at the good your doing by sharing your testimony. The fears will always be there but try to push them back while you share your truths and do so remembering these people truly want to help you and help the future victims of such crimes.

    I say this after recently reading through a essay my 18 year old daughter wrote about her experience at age 11 in the witness box. Having to face her abuser along with a room full of jurors and spectators. Some of the things she wrote she never told me before. It was heartbreaking and yet very healing, she knew at that very young age that it was necessary to face that very uncomfortable day in order to stop it from happening to someone else.

    I think people like yourself and my daughter are so brave, to put you own fears aside to help others is very commendable. I hope you find some healing from what you are doing.

  • clarity

    Umbertoe.....Huge Hug for you. Respect for you & for helping those who have been hurt. Deep breath ......feel your feet standing on solid ground.

    We are one with the Universe ....we are all made of stardust! We are amazing.


  • jhine

    Umbertoecho , you are amazing , and inspiring .


  • smiddy

    Umbertoecho ,

    I can only imagine what you are going through , ideally this would have been all over very quickly , however the law does not work that way , and sadly it can drag on for years before justice is done and sometimes even then it isn`t done.

    So take comfort that so many people are supporting you , praying for you ,and sending you good vibes ,I`m in the latter cattergory .

    You are and should be an inspiration to any /all other victims who have remained silent so far to come forward and add your voice with Umbertoecho ,to stop this abuse in the Jehovah`s Witness religion by publicizing it in the Royal Commission where real effective means can be employed to address the situation , and if the G.B. of J.W.`s reject those recommendations , then expose them for why they are doing so.


  • MightyV8

    Umby thank you for your kind words.

    You are my friend now and after.

    Nothing will change our friendship. It can only grow stronger.

    Umby i give you permission to never blame yourself again

    None of this your fault.

    Everyone here it right behind you and I will be there by your side.


    Thank you for the lovely lunch and showing me how to cook rice :)

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