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  • bobld
    Para 6 *older experienced brothers(I assume D.O/C.O./Elders) may be (will be) asked to step aside.I recall in the past the wt said we don't retire at 65 or 70 like Christendom.To day it sounds like they do retire only difference clergy of christendon receive benefits and a pension.
  • stuckinarut2

    Good point...

    BUT the GB don't seem to be stepping aside when they get to that age....

  • sparrowdown

    Older ones with a living memory of the WT's history would be a liability, I imagine.

    Better to put them out to pasture, rather than have them reminiscing about the old days to the younger elders.

    Even though the GB themselves are all up there in age, except for NKOTB Anderson.

  • OneFingerSalute
    Had a fill in conductor today. A "new" MS brown-noser. OFS didn't get called on today, so he penned a comment in the margin next to the footnote for par. 6. "Will the governing body members follow their own advice, and step aside for younger anointed to assume their responsibilities?" Then I conveniently forgot my WT on the back counter (unseen of course) with it opened to that page.
  • ToesUp
    Oh we know a bunch of old arrogant assh***** that won't like being put out to pasture. Their position in the Congregation is EVERYTHING! Poor bastards! lol
  • LevelThePlayingField
    I thought this was really the saddest point ever made in the WT ever. Here you have a brother in the picture with the cane supporting himself up while praying his heart out (bless his ole heart-I'm serious on this point too) and all the WT can do is say, "kick him to the curb, he's too old now!" Heartless bastards!
  • bafh
    This is shows no respect for their 'elders' as in wise men. Don't want anyone in there who might be reasonable.

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