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  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    Well now that I'm a confirmed APOSTATE (a couple of the forum posters confirmed this today), gosh hearing myself say that is a bit frightening.... how the hell did I get to this place, well thanks to anonymity, my 'still in' family don't know this yet...

    after a whole day of watching various people describe their differences with creationist ideas, I'm finally watching this one.... it's tongue in cheek and is hilarious to watch....(this is not meant to mock people's belief in god as such, but more to do with how creationist speculation seems to go against openly available data)

    I noticed that some of the arguments made by Kent Hovind, a creationist evangelist, smells very much like stuff I learned in 'Life how did it get here by evolution or creation', and in other publications trying to explain why some phenomena in the solar system etc points to the precision in the universe = there must have been a Divine hand... I assume he didn't get the information from JW's, so I wonder who JW's were getting their info from.... well thanks to sites like JWfacts, it's as clear as day anyway please don't watch if you're not ready to take in the copious amounts of data expressed to counter creationist claims... I'm only 20 minutes in and it's pretty devastating to creationist argument, the author of the video encourages each watcher to go do the math themselves where possible, stating even a high school education will give you enough tools to check out the figures and see if they add up.... (oops, that might be a problem for your die hard JW)

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster
    sorry, forgot to say it's ridiculously long, might take several sittings... and of course I guess lots of you have already done your research, but it is a fun tongue in cheek effort though, I couldn't stop laughing...
  • LevelThePlayingField
    I am completely open minded and I read your post. But your video is four hours long. Too long for me.
  • azor
    Thank you I will be checking it out. Your statement regarding how creationists arguments are similar to jws is exactly the experience I had. I have also noticed that atheists are often treated the same by their families as we are as ex jws.
  • LouT8503
    The video might be long, but compared to all the days I wasted on conventions, assemblies, etc. four hours is a breeze.
  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy
    Marking for later. Half an hour watched, got to go to the weekly indoctrination session now.. 👎
  • jookbeard
    excellent little video
  • The Marvster
    The Marvster


    you are right, it's insanely long...

    I got through about one and a half hours last night, and couldn't do any more. will have to take in little chunks.

    Azor: yeah I can see that people who are openly atheist, or even agnostic, or don't have an opinion could be open to being treated as 'weird' by believers. I don't think the two different ways of thinking can ever meet on peaceful ground.


    I didn't even think of that, yeah, a 4 hour video is so insignificant compared to years and years of droning on and on and on with indoctrination in the borg

  • Vidiot
    Finding out that the WTS had often cribbed from "worldy" creationists was a major red flag for me.
  • Tenacious

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