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  • ThinkerBelle

    My spouse and I were talking about something that was written last year (thinking about spring time maybe) that was in a letter read to the elders only talking about Warwick and it mentioned - or hinted at maybe - that the righteous resurrected of old would have rooms made there (ya know, like carrying on the whole Beth Sarim idea again). At first I thought this info was in a Watchtower, but couldn't find it and that's when honey thought it was in a letter instead and might not have been public info. Does this ring a bell for anyone? We talked about it when it happened (still have family in that had mentioned it) but can't for the life of me remember the reference point to it.

    Thanks if you know what I'm rambling about. :)

  • zeb

    Did they actually suggest this? If this is so then I am convinced there is something in the water there..

  • smiddy

    Surely something like that would not have gone unnoticed by the eagle eyes on this board ?.Just imagine the mileage we could get out of something like that.

    We could have a field day.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Probably a comment from some old kook in your Congo.

  • sir82

    There's nothing even remotely close to that.

    Sounds like you are conflating "old light" from the 1920's that the "ancient worthies" would all head to Beth Sarim after their resurrection.


    I think I've heard some speakers mention that kind of thing, but I don't recall hearing anything official. The GB aren't that dumb, are they???


  • ThinkerBelle

    LOL, I figured this board would be all over something like that. I think it may have just been something local considering the source - maybe from the elder's school. I wouldn't be surprised though considering the history.

  • wifibandit

    The only thing I can think of is some talk of them continuing to use the building into the future, even in the paradise. I don't know where I've heard this.

  • clarity

    Thinker .......you may be thinking of Guy Pierce's talk about the new headquarters....... this may be what you are looking for.

    This is some of Cedars writings as far as I remember.


  • Vidiot

    It wouldn't surprise me.

    They do expect to use it for the "Earthly" seat of government in the New System.

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