Doctor Strange

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  • schnell

    I took my wife to see Doctor Strange yesterday. I'm not really going to review the movie here (It's good! Go see it if you haven't already!) but I noticed a few things.

    First off, remember Loki's words in The Avengers? "You were made to be ruled." He talked about submission and his armies came out of the sky above New York. Hmm.

    In Doctor Strange, we have:

    * a villain who promises eternal life in paradise and slanders a religious authority as a hypocrite

    * all information in the library is free to everybody, but some of it is off limits and confidential

    * belief in more than the material world

    * a hero whose ladyfriend teases him about joining a cult

  • blondie

    I saw it too and had similar thoughts. But I didn't want to ruin the entertainment aspect why I came.

    Benedict Cumberbatch was on Gordon Norton's show. It's a good start. I saw they set up the next premise for another movie at the end.

    Next, Potter prequel on 11/18.

  • steve2

    Thanks guys for no spoilers. I plan to see it this weekend. Benedict Cumberbatch is a man to die for!

  • Vidiot

    I thought the mid-credits zinger (teasing Ragnarok) was cool, too.

  • Onager

    Gordon Norton??!!!

    (Graham Norton) :)

  • blondie

    Sorry, Onager. Just a mind boggle.

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