No One Ever Thanks Police ??

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  • berrygerry

    So, this week's SM has extracts from the Yearbook.

    The [police] chief turned to his assistant and said, “In all my 32
    years of serving on the force, I have never heard anyone
    thank us for our work!”


    In our area, people thank the police daily, never mind in 32 years.

  • Simon

    Yeah, typically difficult to disprove and likely made up - how do they know what the chief said to his assistant?

    Any story where what is reported is what someone else is thinking and saying without it being verifiable is suspect. Quite a few of the WTS stories of "how awesome they are", only reported in their own literature, follow this pattern.

    Dear WTS: I think you're a bunch of shits. Quote that. Happy xmas.

  • sir82

    I'm sure a lot of the content of those Yearbook experiences is embellished.

    That said, the experience you refer to took place in Russia. I'd be willing to bet that the police in Russia are a tad more corrupt than their US counterparts. OK, maybe a supersize tad.

    32 years back takes you into USSR-times. I'd imagine the police were not popular then either.

    So I'm really not surprised that Russian police don't hear copious expressions of gratitude.

  • OneEyedJoe
  • Barrold Bonds
  • konceptual99

    To be fair Russian coppers are pretty unlikable.

  • Vidiot

    Most people here in Canada are friendly and respectful to the RCMP; I've always made a point of teaching my kids to be.

    The few I know personally are good folks and seem to like me.

    I find that expressing sympathy about all the heavy gear they have to wear goes a long ways.

  • Zoos

    32 years of helping people and not one person said thank you?

    Think it through.

  • GodZoo
    U.S. police had killed 1,024 people since the start of the year, 20 percent of those killed were completely unarmed., according to The Counted, a continuously updated database of U.S. police killings maintained by The Guardian. Of the total, 203 victims of police were unarmed.

    In November alone police killed 10 unarmed males, including Jamar Clark, the 24-year-old man whose death led to in ongoing protests in Minneapolis, and Jeremy Mardis, a six-year-old who was shot by police in Louisiana during a chase. (Body camera footage showed that the two officers involved in Mardis’ death fired recklessly into the car driven by Chris Few, the boy’s father, who was also injured in the incident. The two officers have been arrested.)

    Dear Police.. Thank you for all your good work..

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