The Great KH Sell-Off

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  • snugglebunny

    Re the Great KH Sell Off: Could a congregation refuse to sign over their Kingdom Hall to the Society? I seem to recall - many years ago admittedly - that my home KH had been paid for by voluntary donations, no loans being involved. I have no idea what the situation is now, but I do recall that many JW's contributed a set amount every month to the KH fund until there was enough money in the pot to build one. Could the society really impose it's will on such a congregation and actually remove it's title to the deeds?

  • SadElder

    Some years ago they (Crooklyn) had all US congregations add certain language to their articles of incorporation that named Watchtower or one of the shill corporations they use as ultimate beneficiary if the congregation ceased to exist. The actual verbiage used was adjusted to the laws of each state. The Circuit Overseer was to check the corporate documents to make certain that this was done.

    In our congregation this was adopted by the corporate body which was then all appointed men. The rank and file never even knew this was done and probably still don't. Could someone make a case that this was not the will of the people and get that set aside? The legal eagles can weigh in on this.

  • Atlantis

    TO-36-E Information Regarding Ownership of Kingdom Halls.

  • LV101

    Recall the elders at congregation in Menlo Park, California, litigated (most expensive real estate in the country) and didn't succeed in the San Francisco area so I'm sure WT has their derrière covered -- poor rank and file haven't a chance.

  • BourneIdentity

    I recall reading about one congregation in California, I think it was the Menlo Park congregation. The Society wanted to sell it and take all their funds from the account. If memory serves me right, there might have been close to $750,000 in their account. The elders put up a fight and they lost. All the elders were removed or maybe they were DFed.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Our KH was likewise fully paid for many decades ago. However a few years ago the elders transferred the rights of ownership to the Kingdom Hall Trust so they can do as they want.


  • joe134cd

    Wt can do what they damn well want to do. Menlo park is a very good example.

  • blondie

    Since the event in Bonham TX, the WTS has changed to the religious non-profit mode in the US. The WTS is the main non-profit and can sell the local non-profits by dissolving that non-profit. Any funds must go into the main non-profit's funds and be used according to the IRS laws regulating them.

  • Vidiot
    "The Great KH Sell-Off"...

    ...may it ever continue.

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