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  • Normalfulla

    So I was recalling my last talk , it was something to do with finding Jehovah's treasures or something anyhow in my prep I decided to Google "real life treasure maps " and I came across the copper scroll which was found with the dead sea scrolls and I described the real life treasure map etc and of course likened it to the bible as if it were a treasure map to life (duh) anyway afterwards an elder present at my talk said "I wouldn't believe everything u read on the internet"

    I was totally pissed off by his comments as though if it didn't come from a WT publication it can't be trusted as true , this was before I woke up but I was so incensed by his comments it messed with me that he would doubt my research and then ..... I woke up but that wasn't what did it just an.event along the way

  • carla

    My jw used to like to say, " I wouldn't believe everything u read on the internet" as well. He stopped or reduced his reciting of this comment when I replied, "you are right! YOU shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet either!" He knew/knows full well I mean the wt website. Karma.

  • Spiral

    I've been told this too. What a self-serving comment for the org to make, to put doubt in your mind. So many JWs only read the JW publications, and remain totally brainwashed. Perfect for the GB to keep everyone in line! Sheesh!

  • Pete Zahut
  • Normalfulla

    Pete lmao that meme is gold

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  • Gorbatchov

    I remember my last talk. It was my best talk. Because I knew it was my last. I stepped of the platform with a big smile 😎


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