If this was a man....

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  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    Cardi-B, who is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality, admits in an old video of drugging and stealing from men. If the roles were reversed, do you think this would be a front page story instead of being buried on the back page? Why isn't the progressive left demanding justice? Where is the outrage?


  • stillin

    If this was a man, it would be an anomaly, although she is every bit as perverse as any man is that does such a thing.

    When was the last time we heard about a black cop beating up a white guy?

    Actually, there were a couple of female teachers in high schools lately that got into trouble for going after young bucks. But those things are simply not hot-button-topic news.

    What we need is a news source for alternative news; women seducing men, minorities oppressing whites, people who kick their drug habits. Gays without a chip on their shoulder. Stuff like that.

  • tiki

    She is too popular....a lot of male rappers of African descent have notorious pasts and they get the nod.....the public tends to exalt bad behavior. Case in point the current potus.

  • Finkelstein

    I have to laugh when people make a statement and blame the left or the right for having a underlining decisive role influencing certain social behavior.

    Bad social behavior doesn't have a left or right ideology at its source .

    She has retorted that she never raped anyone but did stole money from men who were overly drunk on occasion.

  • Vidiot

    Considering that most guys who frequent strip clubs are not the most ethically-minded fellows out there...

    ...and if all she did was let them think that they were gonna pay her for sex and then robbed 'em for their trouble (and she's right, I guarantee you none of 'em would have needed to be roofied)...

    ...I'm not inclined to feel too judgmental of her...

    ...or feel a whole lot of sympathy for those guys, FTM.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    There is still a double standard out there. Men are bad....Women are good so when it comes to how women can behave towards men there is the idea that since women and girls are the gold standard of behavior, men and boys should be more like them. If they aren't, then they deserve whatever they get and should take it uncomplainingly.

    The other day I saw a scene in a TV comedy where a guy wasn't doing what the women wanted and after some comedic back and forth dialogue, the punchline was for her to kick him in the crotch and walk off laughing as he writhed in pain on the ground. Had the scene shown man doing something like this to a woman, even in jest, an immediate apology would have been demanded and someones career may have been ruined. If men rose up and complained publicly the way women do, they'd be mocked for being weak crybabies.

    I also saw a Jared Jewelry Commercial where a pretty young woman was out washing her car and her boyfriend approached, got down on one knee and proposed to her. She was overjoyed at first but when she realized the ring he presented her with didn't come from Jared Jewelers, she blasted him right in the face full force with the garden hose she was holding, knocking him backwards. As he lay there drenched and looking crestfallen the announcer said "He didn't go to Jared"...indicating that he deserved such treatment. I know it was only a stupid TV commercial but I can well imagine the public outrage there would be if there was a commercial showing a man doing something like this to a woman.

    This kind of thing continues because men have been conditioned to believe that they are on the whole, bad and deserve what they get. Hence the passe' response to Cardi-B's behavior. If it were discovered that Justin Timberlake did the exact same thing, his career would be ruined immediately.

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    There is the idea that women and girls are the gold standard when it comes to behavior and that men and boys deserve whatever they get and should take it uncomplainingly.

    That may be the case now, but it's changing. Men will take it for a while, but when it gets out of hand then men will fight back. That's one reason why some men become serial killers of women, because they have been bullied to the point of break.

    Humans need to be careful to treat each other with respect because eventually if this continues where women continue to abuse their newly attained rights, they will have to pay the price of a man who has had enough, and it might not end well for a woman abuser of men.



  • Finkelstein

    Social irresponsible abuse can come from both sexes in reality.

    There are times a popular bias toward women being the innocent ones with good wholesome behavior, which again is not accurately fixed in reality.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate


    Google will lead you to music videos where she's unencumbered by so much clothing.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    "the progressive left" "the radical left" "the left" "the right" "alt-right" "right wing" "conservative"

    "worldy people" "worldlings" "not Witnesses" "aren't Witnesses" "doesn't love Jehovah"

    People, including those who have been victimized by cults, often try to discuss ideas for ideas sake, yet their words give away their tribalism, the in-group/out-group biases that blind, that polarize, and prevent idea interchange.

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