Judging as bad association now....or at the Great Tribulation....or both!

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  • zophar

    Reading posts where some have commented on how their parents, children or other relative have cut off all association with them because they do not agree with the teachings of the WTB&TS.

    Think about it. JW's teach that if you aren't one of them, you will be destroyed. So from a JW perspective, their DF or DA or Inactive adult child or relative or friend, is eventually going to be destroyed and die.

    On the other hand, JW's teach that God and Christ have not yet started the process of separating the Sheep and the Goats. (After teaching for many years that the preaching work was doing that before the Great Tribulation begins!)

    However, a JW with a DF, DA or Inactive friend or relative, judges NOW that this person is unworthy of association. Why? Isn't Jehovah's timetable for Judging sufficient? Wouldn't it make sense that you would associate now as much as possible with your child or relative to help them because at some future point God is going to judge and destroy?

    It seems to me that a JW who acts this way is putting his or the congregation's judgment above Jehovah's. In the meantime, they have lost their only chance to associate with their friend or relative, at least according to their interpretation of God's judgment.

    It is all such a waste and makes no sense!

  • waton

    If wt really disfellowshipped a child rapist now, that would be good news for my son and daughter's sake.

    On the other hand let us wait until T.Morris.III has been called to heaven to judge him in that April 1 st Top Shelf story. , for he is "one of the little ones" we must support to be later classified as Sheep or Goats.

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