Strange Justice

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  • watson

    My Ex-God had an unusual sense of justice. You see, his human son broke the law. So, my Ex-God thought there needed to be some form of justice. So it thought it would sacrifice it's first born son to himself (My Ex-God) to balance out the wrong, to himself, so that justice was done!

    I think that's right, no?

  • smiddy3

    Let me get this straight : So a spirit Son of God is miraculously born to a female human who is not God-Man but obviously has super natural powers that no other human has and his life is supposed to equal the life of Adam ?

    Who wasn`t a Spirit being in the first place and had no super natural powers of his own.

    Eve was fully human and was tarnished with the sin of Adam as every other woman was so Jesus had to be at least infected with 50% of Sin as well , surely.

    The scales of Justice don`t seem to balance out in my book.

    I think you have a good point their watson

  • waton

    Billions and billions died because of one theft by a blood relative, (actually possession of stolen goods. [or swallowing it to destroy evidence])?

    Then you have to have another half-blood killed to annul the theft's effects? before you could say, hey, , ok , I was just running a test, a set up, a trap a sting?

  • smiddy3

    Was Jehovah guilty of entrapment of Adam/Eve ?

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