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  • Azalo
    Mike Adams here: I enjoyed my work at Brooklyn Bethel, Mountain Farm and W.T. Farm 1974 to 1979...worked with Steve Watters and so many others, ...remember one big factory worker giving me some static at the table I was waiting on so I dumped the full gallon of milk on his head and cooled him off quick! Also worked nights as walking watchman, and days as Moving & Maintenance Crewman, our crew consisted of seven guys all named "mike"...One poor watchman wasn't watching and stepped into an open elevator shaft down at the Squibb bldg...used to snowboard from 124 down to Squibb and at night almost ran down a couple of governing body members in the hallway from 124 to 107 on those furniture coasters...also made trash runs with "Marcus Stapletonius" and if anyone remembers the wierd sounds of loud toilet flushing and laughter emanating from somewhere in the towers at night, that was me and mike presutti, the dual-headed 'Phantom of the Towers' playing with recordings and loudspeakers out the windows. We later moved from the 5th floor to the 7th and a better view. Sure missed our housekeeper on 5. Any one remember who took ALL my hawaiian print shirts in the laundry? Hope the turkey got full use out of 'em--they were each tailor made as a gift from my mom, one-of-a-kind materials. Any cotton-pickin', finger-licken', chicken-pluckin' apple pickers remember when I was assistant Mountain Farm overseer? What about you cotton-pickin', finger-licken', chicken-pluckin' potlikkers? Steaming pots, pans and milk cans, hunting deer, raccoons, snakes + fishing (in addition to your congregation assignments, meetings and text comments, return visits, etc.? Whatever happened to Tyler Paiva? He was a worker...I left in '79 to marry a girl from my congregation in N.J. We pioneered 2 years then served as missionaries in Samoa. In 1986 I killed our fellow missionaries Ed & Cath and served over 14 years in prison...released in the 15th year. Still disfellowshipped and wife asking for divorce after 17 years...its been 23 years now and I haven't finished the papers...always busy in Samoa keeping the Airport and power plants [email protected]

    Sorry to repost this but I think that my previous title threw people off and I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard this story before, I got it from

  • Ron1968

    I never heard this before, but I am glad Mike dropped that line as a sidepoint.


  • Michael Graeber
    Michael Graeber

    I was the coffee maker and went to the parkside congregation.

    Don Krebbs was the kitchen "Boss" at the time.

    Would love to hook up with some of the other BA'S ( bad attitude )

    Write soon.

    Mike Graeber

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