The Blood Soaked Savagery of the YHWH/Jesus Creation

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  • fulltimestudent

    Do you remember being with a group of witnesses looking at some cute little animal and everyone saying, "Oooh! Isn't Jehovah sooo wooooonderful!!!" Of course, most other Christians are just as prone to utter such insipid, sugary and idiotic expressions.

    The cats and dogs that we often dote on are the result of hundreds of years of breeding out undesirable traits, but their original ancestors survived by catching and tearing to pieces cute, cuddly little animals who are stricken with terror as they are hunted. Even our domestic cats, if uncontrolled, are responsible for wiping out entire species of cute cuddly little animals, who themselves are often carnivores and who exist by catching and eating other terror-stricken cute cuddly little animals.

    I was thinking of this the other day when I had occasion to read Psalm 104, particularly verse 21:

    "The young lions roar after their prey, and seek their meat from God."

    So, according to YHWH's inspired word, YHWH gives them their food, the cute, cuddly animals that christians coo about, and tell each other "Isn't YHWH (or Jesus, depending on the Christians's particular brand loyalty.

    And, btw, the "inspired" record is in error in the reason it gives for lions roaring. They are not roaring after their prey. They roar as a way of marking their territory.

    Quote: "Lions roar to tell other lions where they are, to show how big they are and to warn lions from other prides to keep away from their home territory. They do this mostly just before sunrise and sunset when they are most active."
    African Lion and Environmental Research:

    If ever you want to think that Psalm 104 reflects anything wonderful about YHWH or his little mate, Jesus, then just recall how he gives 'food' to lions

    and even to the ancestors of you faithful fido, who is usually (but not always) friendly to humans, because their innate savagery has been bred out of them over thousands of years.

    So why does anyone give any credence to this stupid book.

  • steve2

    Yes, well observed. The sanitizing and cuddling up to nature is encouraged by a Disney mentality that JW organization embraces with colorful seriousness.

    For sheer bloody rapaciousness and savagery, you can't go past nature. From the very small to the very big, survival and consumption of other living things is part of the scheme of things. Loving creator, my foot!

    Only people living in detached modern societies could ever fall prey to the notion - and desirability - of the lamb and the lion playing together.

    Living forever on a paradise earth is babyfood for babies.

  • SAHS

    “fulltimestudent”: “Just recall how he gives ‘food’ to lions.


    It makes you wonder when the Bible states that supposedly before the “original sin” in the garden of Eden, and then after Christ’s Thousand Year Reign, even none of the animals did, or will do, any “harm nor cause any ruin in all my holy mountain.” (Isaiah 65:25)

    It’s so obvious to anyone with a thumbnail of a brain that when you look at all those menacing, razor-sharp teeth of the countless varieties of fish and sharks, not to mention all the mammals (i.e., lions!), those teeth are for catching – and killing – prey.

    In this regard, either God is Walt Disney, or the logical, scientific processes of evolution are actually involved here.

  • Crazyguy

    I like some of those videos on YouTube where Noah and his family is collecting animals to put on the ark but are discussing where the parasites and fleas etc will go an who’s body they’ll be on etc. Wonder how many animals Ebola killed before the flood was over and they were able to get off the ark?

  • MrRoboto

    Interesting points on that scripture. Once I was able to clear my mind of the JW specific indoctrination, I still had to wonder about the killing/feeding cycles of various animals. Doesn't seem quite right that these innocent animals should be eaten alive, torturously murdered as a result of mans' sin. That would be like (deity) saying to mankind "sorry guys, since the creatures I made on Mars decided to disobey me, you're going to become food for the dogs, better start running! But don't worry, in a few thousand years, when we're back on good terms, the dogs will eat grass instead". Yeah I'm a bit past wondering about the bible these days.

  • fulltimestudent

    As I recall the JW teachings, they believe that when Proverbs 8 speaks of wisdom, it is really describing Jesus, who was an assistant to YHWH, during YHWH's acts of creation. (refer verse 30 in particular - " ... then I came to be beside him, as a master worker ..." They then go onto to cross reference prov. 8 to John 1;1-3 - Large print NWT)

    So these two master minds, full of wisdom, made all life on the earth, supposedly through creation reflecting all the qualities that believers think came from YHWH.

    Like love for instance.

    Sadly, as the earlier part of this thread notes, there is not much love shown in the lives of most of the creative acts of the YHWH/JESUS master designer bureau.

    And research has revealed another wonderful piece of their creation.. This video will give you some idea of YHWH's and Jesus' creative genius:

    But there's more, just recently a new detail was added. We can now appreciate their design of this creatures sex life.

    So let's say it all together now - isn't Jehovah woooondeeeerful!

  • Vidiot


    As far as I'm concerned, all anyone has to do is Google "horrifying sea life" to refute creationism.

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