Jehovah's Witnesses get support from .... the Catholic Church?

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  • EdenOne

    In this article on Newsweek:

    Catholics are concerned about their religion being discriminated as well in Russia. Birds of a feather....

  • pale.emperor

    I wonder if the GB will acknowledge the Catholic church's support?


  • OrphanCrow


    From the article:

    "Jehovah’s Witnesses do not participate politically ..."

    Check out the org's broadcasting video that they did recently about the Russian ban. Note how proud Sanderson is that they had the opportunity to meet with influential and important ambassadors of important countries.

    Important ambassadors no doubt included the German ambassador. After all, it was the German WTS branch that attempted, not just in this hearing but also in previous court hearings in Russia, to have standing with the court. Just one of the many motions that the Supreme Court denied. And why did the German JWs want standing? Because almost all of the JWs' literature printing for the European arena is done in Germany now. They wanted to defend the extremist charge against the literature.

    Mark Sanderson et al meets with influential ambassadors from important countries.

    And then what happens? Oh! Look! Merkel puts in a postscript about the JWs when she was talking to Putin. Wow! Look at that! Jehovah involved in international politics!! Wow! Wonder how that happened?

  • OrphanCrow
    pale emperor: I wonder if the GB will acknowledge the Catholic church's support?

    Haha! just like they did when Applewhite took the stand in their defense at the ARC.

    Heh. The Catholic Church probably owes the GB one after that dismal performance.

  • David_Jay

    Actually the reason for this is because of a new doctrine developed in the Catholic Church since Vatican II: freedom of conscience.

    According to this new theological concept, all human beings should be free to exercise their conscience as they see fit in all things religious, even when this means the freedom to reject religion.

    The doctrine was developed partially due to the errors caused by the previous view. The previous doctrine (that all humans should not be free to choose religion outside the Church) contributed to the crimes of the Crusades, the Inquisition, and (though admittedly indirectly) contributed to the anti-Semitism that led to the Shoah. It also worked directly against the teachings of the canonized saints who were later recognized as doctors of the Church. Some of these were persecuted and even killed by the Church (i.e., St. Joan of Arc) when it turns out that their criticism of the Church was correct.

    Therefore the Catholic Church now actively fights for freedom of religious and non-religious expression. Along with the JWs in Russia, the Catholic Church is working with several governments that are persecuting atheists, to find ways to stop the persecution. Pope Francis especially has been outspoken on not only assenting to this doctrine but practicing it and going one step further by forbidding proselytizing by any member of the Catholic Church. Under Francis, one may evangelize by example, but one may not proselytize to convince another that they are required to change and accept the Gospel.

  • skin

    Being politically neutral? All the letters that WT leaders asked their followers to write to Russia, is a form of trying to manipulate the out come of that political event.

  • WTWizard

    They are both based on the same damnation book. What really needs to be done is Christi-SCAM-ity, Judaism, and Islam should be totally banned. Along with communism--including the political correctness crap that is destroying mankind and will result in total enslavement where we are all bar-coded, microchipped, and worked to death with no freedom. Christi-SCAM-ity is a step in that direction, including jokehovianism.

    And no wonder it appears that the cat lick church is supporting the jokehovian witlesses. The jokehovian religion draws its power from the same vatican as all xian religions, and donates spiritual energy to the same vatican that will use that energy to enslave us all.

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